Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting My Way

I am going to tell you the truth. My husband is not one of those husbands who gives in when I get mad. And I really don't get mad often. But yesterday was one of those days. We made plans two months ago for six friends to accompany us to the Def Leppard/Joan Jett concert this Saturday. My husband tells me and several of the friends that he wants to go early and tailgate in the parking lot before the concert. This will help in two ways. 1)We always--ALWAYS--get stuck in traffic with the thousands of people who attend concerts. 2)The guys can drink their own beer and not have to pay $5 for one every time they want a drink. 3)(Well, I thought of a third.) We won't have to park 5 miles away.

Early to me means getting up there in the afternoon where we have time to sit around and chill out, all the while watching the losers who arrive close to time. Early to me means arriving at least 3 hours before concert time of 7:30.

My husband tells me the other day that he thinks we should leave around 3:00. Okay, lets do some math. The concert is 2 hours away. If we choose to stop and eat or do whatever, we will be cutting into my ideal tailgating time. I suggested two o'clock and told him why. He called me yesterday to tell me that he arranged with Jason (one of the guys going) that we are meeting them one exit away at 4:00. Um, what? Did you say 4:00? So, as loudly as I possibly can, I yell "NO!" into the phone.

K: What? Why?

Me: Well, because we are going to get stuck in traffic and that is not going to give us enough time to tailgate before the concert.

K: We're not going to get stuck in traffic 1 1/2 hours before the concert.

Me: Yes, we are. Trust me on this. We may not, but what if we do?????? Then you will have bought beer for nothing, because you can't take it in there with us. And that isn't even going to give me time to pee before the show starts.

K: Well, I guess you should have called Jason and made plans then, right?

Me: Apparently. But I shouldn't have to. I told my husband the plan last night.

K and Me: (Silence.)

I called my SIL who is going with Hubby's twin brother. She says early to her means 2:00. I told her Hubby wants to leave at 4:00, and she agrees that is assinine. I inform Hubby when he gets home, and believe it or not--he called him and changed the time. I was absolutely floored. I guess I made sense after all. Either that or he got tired of hearing me express my thoughts and feelings. It doesn't matter the reason. I.Like.Getting.My.Way.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I normally would not share things about which I am unsure of. But I've learned something from Blogland. I need the support of people who really do care when there is something up in the air.

I have been praying for months now for a teaching opportunity if it is the right time and the right job. This has been placed in God's hands. While I have been disappointed that I have not heard anything from any of the local elementary, or any elementary school in general, I just have not worried about it. I know that when the time is right according to God's plan, the job will present itself and I will just recognize God's hand in it.

Today at lunch, I received a phone call from the local high school. They are looking for a history teacher and it seems for the second year in a row, they think I am qualified. I told the secretary that I had changed my major to elementary education. (I have a BS in Social Science and pursuing a Master's in education.) I never did interview last year, because I did not want to teach history. However, when I voiced that to my husband, he said, "Well, I don't want to work at the phone company." He told me that I was holding out for a fantasy--the fantasy of a perfect job at a perfect schoool. And it made sense. Is there such a thing as the perfect job? Probably not. I probably have the perfect job and don't recognize it. So I called her back and she was totally excited that I am going to interview.

The job is probably not going to pan out. The reason is that there is only 1 1/2 weeks before school starts. I would still have to interview (exactly 1 week before school starts), be reviewed for approval by the board of education, and the state board of education issue a temporary teaching certificate.

My reason for not wanting to share this news is because I don't want to have to go through telling you all that I did not get the position. If I do get the position, I am not stuck with it forever. I would love the opportunity to teach Sociology. Or English. I am passionate about those two things. I did love history as a high schooler. I only have to keep the position long enough to get my official certification, then I can either go to elementary, counseling, or administration.

Thanks for listening to me run on and on about this. I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Okay, we have had some carpet now for a couple of years a little while that we need installed. We really did not know anyone who installed carpet and no idea of what a pad would cost or it would cost to install. I found out during ball season that Coach Nick does flooring, including carpet. I finally got around to getting a quote from him, but had nothing to compare it to. My living room is 280 sq ft plus a hallway. He quoted me $100 on the living room since I had not measured the hallway. To be fair, I had to get another quote. A guy that grew up near us also lays carpet. I have been trying for three weeks to get in touch with him. His wife finally decided today to give me his cell phone number. He quoted me $225 for labor and $135 for the pad. I called Nick back to give him the hallway measurements so I would be comparing apples to apples. He informed me that it did not matter how big the hallway was, it would remain $100. He said that Ryan is his godson (which I thought was sweet) and apparently I am that grandmother figure for Nick. He and Keith have plans to coach ball together next year again, so he figures that he'll be seeing us for the next ten years. I am so excited that he is willing to do that for us. It makes me feel special. And in my old age, I need to feel special.

Pendant Necklaces

My sister Leigh over at Graham Shenanigans got together a few weeks ago to make some pendant necklaces. We used the smallest tiles in the pictures. As you can see, I have not gotten around to attaching the metal piece to all of the tiles yet. But I was not happy with that. You could not see the design on the beautiful scrapbook papers we were using, so I went to buy bigger wooden pieces to use. The results are the bigger ones in the pictures, the rectangles, ovals, circles, and larger squares.

Please let me know if you are interested in any of these because we do special orders on just about everything we make.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good News

Well, we have had no word yet on Jack's pathology report. Only--my vet is in my SS class, so he told me after class that it was in fact cancer, but that it would only spread from the site and he was successful in removing all of it. Thank the Lord!!

Bro Man had an episode Thursday at the doctor. We went to get his jaw checked out. He has been having some jaw pain and woke up Thursday morning with a swollen face. The doctor examined him and Bro Man chatted away. After the examination Bro Man laid his head on my shoulder and promptly passed out. This is the second time in the past six months that he has fainted, but this time it was in front of the doctor. Last time they tried to pass it off as if he passed out because we were pulling his tooth. But this time, he saw how quickly it happened and without warning. So the pediatrician is being a little more considerate about it. But the news with him is that his jaw is feeling better and he has not had anymore dizziness or problems with passing out. He was so mad at me because I would not let him go swimming Thursday afternoon. I tried to explain that I could not chance that he would pass out in the swimming pool in someone else's care. Of course, he did not understand.

Now, on to some advice. SS promotion takes place at church next Sunday. Emmy is supposed to be moving up. Her new teacher is a severely physically deformed lady. She is sweet as she can be, but Em is terrified of her. She has informed me that she will not be going to that class. I have tried everything under the sun to explain that she is nice and sweet and just looks different, but Em is truly terrified. How do I handle this? Do I go to class with her for several weeks until she gets a bit more comfortable? Do I just let her go to class with me? She can't go with me for the next two years until she gets out of that class? She can't continue with the 2's and 3's because she is 4. I just don't know what to do. Do I alternate weeks of her going with me and me going with her? Or do I just leave her home with Mr. Wonderful and the two of them come to worship service. She won't have a problem being out of the nursery since she will get to go with Bro Man to children's church.

Backyard Friends

Yesterday evening, we had a light summer shower. Well, it started as a small summer thunderstorm and just ended in a light shower. Mr. Wonderful came inside to get me to let me know about some hawks that were perched in a dead tree in the backyard. We watched them closely only to find that they seemed to bathing. It was really awesome and we have never seen them interact with each other that closely. Here are some of the pictures.

I love the way that these pictures turned out. While it is hard to make out that they are hawks, the blackness against the sky just looks cool.

It is amazing that we live in the city and have wildlife in our backyard. Then this morning when I took the dog out, I was amazed to find that they were still there. And then I saw why.
Run for your life bunny!! We actually enjoyed watching the chase one day, but only because the bunny got away. Nature is amazing!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Apple 4G iPod Nano in Silver

Can you believe those girls over at SITS? For their final summer prize, they are giving away a 4gb apple ipod nano! That's just crazy. Do you know how happy Bro Man would be? This is a stupendous gift. Or as Jesse would say "Ridiculous." Yes, it is a sad day when I am quoting The Bachelorette. Well, if you want in on this prize, you need to run, not walk, but no pushing, over to visit Heather and Tiffany at SITS, leave them a comment, put the button on your blog, and maybe ask Heather from Nobody But Yourself to lay hands on you. (She has won the last two weeks!) Congrats Heather!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh Joyful Day

It is almost 9:00 and all of my children are still asleep. Two loads of laundry are done, and the house is as straight as it can get without waking up the kids. No, I did not drug my children. We had a long day yesterday. We went to aunt & unc's house to swim. The girls did not swim much, but I entered yesterday not sure how to swim and left swimming. I was so happy. Hopefully since there is alot of summer left here in the South, I'll get an opportunity for much more swimming. It was kind of like exercising.

And being the considerate person that I am, I remembered to put sunblock on my children. But not myself. So after 3 hours in the pool, my shoulders resemble something in the crustacean family. I don't do burned well. The girls still got a little pink even with the sunblock. They were only in the sun 1 hour, so I am glad they didn't stay out any longer. Instead, they helped uncle shell peas, and they loved it. Baby K was begging for more. Nobody had a nap and there was no early bed time last night. Thank goodness they are sleeping in. Sweet Emmy woke up around 7:00 and went back to sleep on the couch. I'm loving this.

Okay, I'm off to fold clothes. Have a blessed summer day!

Monday, July 21, 2008

You Don't Know Jack

Okay, so I am going to take you back through the journey of getting our dog, Jack. There really is a reason for me telling this story. I'll fill you in at the end. When I was pregnant with Baby K we got our first dog, a miniature schnauzer named Leroy. We loved Leroy. He was a great puppy, already housebroken (and named). We could just open the door and let him out. He would run around and when we called his name, he came. But with a rough last month of pregnancy and then a new baby, we just couldn't keep Leroy. One year later, we adopted Skippyjon Jones, a teacup chihuahua. He was 1 1/2 pounds and the absolute cutest thing you could ever imagine. But with a 1 yo, a 2 yo, and a 5 yo, Skippy did not stand a chance. He was constantly dropped and thrown. I was terrified Skippy would get maimed. So Skippy had to find a new home and he found a wonderful one. (She still emails me pics and updates on Skippy). One and half years later, and after many, many months of begging my skeptical husband for another dog, he finally relented. I searched for a few weeks until I found another miniature schnauzer. We named him Jack. Now, I know that I have fussed and complained about Jack some over these last few blogging months, but we love Jack and we adore Jack. He is so much a part of this family. In fact, he laid in the bed with me and Mr. Wonderful yesterday afternoon, sleeping on his back, sharing a pillow. I'll post a picture of this later. But over the last week and a half, Jack has developed some sort of growth on his shoulder. Over the last week, it has quadrupled in size, doubling just this weekend. I took him to the vet this morning, expecting them to lance it and drain it. Only it turned out that it is a tumor. The vet thinks it may be mast cell cancer. He surgically removed the tumor and is going to examine it for trace of mast cell cancer. This is beyond upsetting to me. As is usual, Jack is my baby. He matches me step for step every where I go. Every time I lay on the couch, he jumps up and curls up with me. We have a morning routine when he wakes me up to take him out. He stands with his paws on my stomach, and we just hug and pet and scratch for a few minutes. I hope that everything turns out to be okay. I really, really hope that everything turns out okay. It's got to be okay.

P.S. I waited to post this until I heard from the vet. It was determined that the tumor was subcutaneous lymphoma, but we are awaiting a final word from the pathologist. While any kind of cancer is serious, he is showing no symptoms of the lymphoma in his lymph nodes or his organs. His shoulder was a very rare place for them to find this kind of cancer. So I will continue to hold out hope that the non-pathologist vet is wrong. But Jack does have to his benefit that he is young and in very good health otherwise. He seems to be mad at me at times, but I think he is just still recovering from surgery and being in pain. He was also neutered while he was asleep today, so that might be what he is mad about.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

You Make Me So Happy!

I gotta tell you I love me some Karla. Yep, check her and little Z man out at Zander and Me. Well, now I totally have another reason to love her. She gave me my first award. Do you know how stinkin' excited I am???

Here it is, the glorious beauty that it is:

There are some rules that go along with this:

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate at least seven other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

Ok, now for the people I nominate in no particular order:

1. Graham Shenanigans: Leigh is my homey. Okay, really she is my sister. But she has trippin' stories about teenagers and pre-teens, as well as provoking the creativity out of me. She is a budding seamstress and has started making her own patterns.

2. The Andrews Crew: Rita is an inspirational mother of six including twin teenagers and four wonderful, beautiful adopted girls.

3. Lulaville: This girl is a riot and my red and black blood sister.

4. Staci's Heart: She has pulled me in and wrapped me around her little finger with this story she is telling. And she is trying her hardest to help me learn to forgive.

5. Stretch Marks: Melissa is a hoot. You probably all already read this hilarious blog, but if not totally check it out. She has a lot of things "cooking" right now.

6. Grace Violet: OMG--I wanna be her. She is so stinkin' creative and inspirational. And I want her husband to build me a wall organizer like hers. I swear I attempt everything she posts about. And she knows how to use some Heather Bailey scrapbook paper. I'm just sayin'.

7. Nesting Place: What can I say about the Nester? She has all of our decorating backs. She knows what to do and she does it.

Congrats ladies! Thanks for keeping my blog alive and keeping me sane with yours.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Phriday Photo Phinish

The lovely, talented, stinkin' hilarious Candid Carrie (see button to left) has a little get together at her site every Phriday. Swing by (presumably you can use one of her crotch hangers) and check out all of the phabulous photos. This is my contribution for this week.

This is one of my favorite pics from my only trip to California. Mr. Wonderful had a
week-long work trip and his work paid for me to go to. It was such an awesome trip!

This one is just to serve as a reminder that the countdown has begun to college football opening day! Go Dawgs! This is a picture of one of Matt Stafford's first throws. I'll give someone a high five and a hug if you can find the football somewhere between Stafford and the intended receiver. You'll get a nice pat on the back if you can pick my husband and son out of the stands on the opposite side of the field. Oh yeah! GO DAWGS!!

Shut Yo Mouf!!!

This is the giveaway of all giveaways. Now I am typically a person that would be so thrilled to win anything, really, anything. But I soooo want to win this bad mama! Old Red Barn Co. is giving away this splendifigant quilt made from the best fabrics ever!!!! I mean I am drooling. Let me tell you that if I were someone else and this was Christmas, I would hurt someone I would snatch that quilt so fast. Who cares if a few shoulders get dislocated? This beauty would be mine. Oh, and it would make a great Christmas present to myself. See my family doesn't shop for me. My husband always says, "Go buy yourself something." Now, while that is always fun, a little thought would be nice. And this year, I would like to give myself this quilt.

To be nice and to make things all fair and everything, I am supposed to direct you over there for you to enter. But just keep in mind--I've got one eye on that quilt and the other on you.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Pics of the Red Room

Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions. Just for the decisions made:

1. Curtain fabric will be purchased of the print in the original DR post. (15 yds x 9.00=$135)

2. Cornices and trim will remain white.

3. Walls will remain red.

4. Everything else is subject to change.

Most everyone said they needed more pics so I took some from each doorway. Here they are:

This is the view looking through the DR into LR. Please forgive the ironing board.

This is view from kitchen towards far end of the dining room.

This is the chandelier that I am not sure if I love or not. But hubby does.

This is the view from LR french doors looking through to the kitchen.

From LR to far end of DR.

From double window looking the length of DR.

From hallway looking length of DR.

One thing I have noticed from these pictures is that we are furniture heavy on the smaller end of the DR and empty on the big end. I'm going to try moving the white server to the other empty wall on the other side of the table.

Taking the Day Off

I am taking the day off to spend the day with Margo. I am very excited about this because we normally only spend time together when my children are with me. But today I am childless! That's right--free from children for an entire day. My wonderful niece Kasey (bless her poor heart) is staying with the kids today. They are planning a day of movies and popcorn.

For the first time, I am taking a list of things with me that I need to look for and accomplish today. Who is this list-maker that has taken over my life? Hopefully, it will make my morning more efficient. I am even taking my camera with me to document anything nice that I think I can duplicate for less.

I still need comments and suggestions on the dining room (see last post). I'll try to get full room pictures posted this evening when I return from my version of the Calgon commercial. Hobby Lobby, take me away.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Calling all Decorating Goddesses

I am having some issues with my house. My dining room is red. I love it. Probably will never paint it. The reason for this is that it is a color that my husband would have never let me paint, but it was painted that color when we moved here. It is the only room in the house that I have never thought about painting. Well, I actually thought about black one time, but my husband would die.
It is a very large dining room. It is so large that we have a table, five chairs, a buffet, a couch (yes, a couch), two small tables, and it still looks empty. Get my drift? Big. There is only one decorative display in there, and even that I am not thrilled with. I need artwork, decoration, window mistreatments (HELP NESTER!!!) or new curtains. Here are my thoughts. I would love the furniture to be black. This would mean that the table and chairs, buffet, dresser that will be repurposed as a second server/buffet would all have to be painted. Keep in mind, I am really good at starting projects without finishing them. Here are some pics. Let me know what you think and any suggestions you may have. Also, another thing I need assistance with is how to paint the hardware on the pieces of furniture that would be painted black.

This is the drapery fabric I am considering.

This painting towards the top is similar to one I want to do for the room.

This is the current window mal-treatment. This is worse than just mistreatment. The wood cornices were already in place.

This is the one place that actually has some decorative pieces, but I am still not crazy about this. I am totally open to changes.

This is the wall that holds the repurposed dresser (makeover to come). Notice the lack of artwork above. I am really thinking shelves holding decorative plates, whitewear,etc. However, I am not sure whether to do that if I paint the furniture black.

Please help me with this room!! It is basically a blank canvas, well, a red canvas. I can always post more pics if necessary because there are glass french doors, the double window with the couch in front, an entry way to the kitchen, an entryway to the hallway......

Monday, July 14, 2008

Warning: Tough Day Ahead

Today is the one year anniversary of the death of FIL. I wanted to share some things about him. He was a very quiet man. Never had much to say. When he did talk, you could barely understand him around the big chew in his mouth. He only ate plain Lays chips, slices of block cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, and tomatoes. He was a very flexible man. At 76, he still sat with his legs pulled up into his recliner with him. Almost sitting on his feet. And would sleep like that. Wilson had endured many things. He was a war veteran, a lung cancer survivor, had 1/2 of his lung removed, cut several fingers off, cut 1/2 of his foot off with the lawnmower. He repaired lawnmowers, not because he needed to work, but because that is all he knew. But the thing that I remember most is the way he lit up when he saw my children. Yes, he had other grandchildren. But their family is not a lovee-dovee type of family--no hugs, no kisses, no birthday wishes. My family is a hugging, kissing, celebrating, I-love-you family. Thankfully, all of my children got that trait. They have a way of making people feel special. And without a doubt, they made Paw feel special.

Bro Man was two when Mr. Wonderful and I started dating. I remember the first time that Paw met Bro Man. He asked what his name was and Bro Man's response was "Pete." I don't know where that came from, but until the day he lost coherence, he called Bro Man that. July 4th of last year was when Wils became sick. He was admitted to the hospital in the early morning hours that night. The doctors determined that he had kidney stones. On the following Friday, they did surgery to insert stints. Only they discovered cancer instead. He had lung cancer again and I don't remember what other kind of cancer. He had abnormal heart monitoring. After this surgery, Wilson never regained his mental capacities. We saw glimpses of the old Wilson for a few brief seconds. On three occassions, we were called to the hospital because he was not expected to make it through the night. We decided to take the kids to see him, even though we knew they would not understand. I talked to him and he really did not act as if he understood. We brought the girls to the edge of the bed and sat down with him. He said, "Hey babies" and touched their heads. They said they loved him and moved on. Bro Man was being very standoff-ish because he is very emotional like his mama. Wilson laid there for a few more minutes then sat up and said, "Where's Pete?" One day Bro Man will understand the impact of those words. He will understand the importance of Paw not asking for one of his blood grandchildren, not even once, but asking for him.

A very important event happened during this time. Mr. Wonderful had to stay with his father one night. Not knowing whether or not he was saved, my amazing husband did the hardest thing he could have done, and he took that night alone with his dad to witness to him. Every time Wilson was awake, Mr. Wonderful witnessed to him. He came home the next morning crying like a baby. Then he called his mother and witnessed to her. And then cried some more. Cried in a way that I have never seen another man do. It was because of this night that Mr. Wonderful made peace with his father dying.

The third time we were called to the hospital, it was during the night. We had to enter through the emergency room and no idea how to get to ICU. We found Wilson lying in a hallway on a bed waiting for x-rays. Now remember, the only things he had said in twelve days was "Hey babies" to the girls and "Where's Pete?". We approached him laying there and he looked at us and smiled. He told the nurse, "This is my son." It was one of those rare, beautiful moments. Even in his near death state, the pride he had in Mr. Wonderful was so evident.

So on this day, we celebrate his life, the love he had and shared with his family, and the beautiful moments that transpired in his last few days alive. We love you, Paw.

Last night I found Emily sitting in my sewing room. I don't know how long she had been there. She was just sitting on a three drawer organizer looking out the window. I walked over to her and she reached for me. I knew that something was wrong. When I asked, she said she was thinking about the people that we love who died. I don't know if just subconsciously she knew today was the anniversary or if she was just missing Paw, but when I asked her specifically who, she told me "Paw." Such a pure, golden heart. So full of love. So beautiful.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Seeking the Answers

Okay, since I have now located the ipod and it is fully charged, I can finally participate in this.

Instructions: grab your iPod, set it to shuffle and answer each question with the next song on the play list. No cheating allowed.

1. What would describe your personality? The Chill of an Early Fall-George Strait

2. What do you like in a guy/girl? Sudden Stop-Mark Wills

3. How do you feel, today? Rhythm of the Road-George Strait

4. What’s your life’s purpose? She Don't Know She's Beautiful-Sammy Kershaw

5. What is your motto? Rumor Has It-Clay Walker

6. What do your friends think of you? Never Saw a Miracle-Curtis Stigers

7. What do you think of your parents? Should've Been a Cowboy-Toby Keith

8. What do you think about very often? Heaven is Missing an Angel-George Strait

9. What do you think of your best friend? I Wonder Do You Think of Me-Keith Whitley

10. What do you think of the person you like? The Church of Cumberland Road-Shenandoah

11. What is your life story? I Thought it Was You-Lonestar

12. What do you want to be when you grow up? You'll Always be My Baby-Sara Evans

13. What do you think when you see the person you like? I Try-Tim McGraw

14. What do your parents think of you? Two Sparrows in a Hurricane-Tanya Tucker

15. What will be played at your funeral? Long Trip Alone-Dierks Bentley

16.What is your hobby/interest? Addicted to Love-Robert Palmer

17. What is your biggest secret? Blue Suede Shoes-Elvis Presley

18. What do you think of your friends? All My Friends Say-Luke Bryan

19. What should you post this as? Feed Jake-Pirates of the Mississippi

I swear that I don't only have country in my ipod. That is just what came up. I especially liked the answers to 1,6,9,15,16,17. Ahh...good times. Good times.

New Blog Design

Yeah me!!! Thanks to lots of help from Zander and Me, I was able to change my blog design to something else. I did not get brave enough to create one myself, but was able to download one from Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates. Isn't it so cute? I feel so much lighter now!!

Now I can work on getting that blog list reassembled and my buttons back. I'm on the road to feeling happy again. I had a minor meltdown this morning because of lack of appreciation in this house. I left for an hour this morning and road around listening to another church's sermon--but it was just for me. As it always is. God was reminding me that I did not come to salvation without Jesus and I can't do life by myself either. And when we try...we make a mess of things. I came home to a very loving, understanding husband (even though he was not when I left). He told me that I should not think that I am unappreciated because our family could not operate with me and he most certainly could not. Go ahead...we'll do it together: AWWWWWWW! Pretty sweet, huh?

I swear I was ready to run away. For good. I really could never leave my children or my husband for good, but I need some time to myself. He took all three kids to visit his mom this afternoon for the bi-weekly visit. Maybe it will be a long visit.

Just wanted to let everyone know that things with Margo have been much better. We are planning to spend the day together Wednesday and just catch up. I really have missed her. Thanks for all of the encouraging words.

Well, enough rambling today. Talk to you all again soon.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

SITS Giveaway

The girls at SITS are up to their goodness again. Congrats to Molly for winning the Target gift card, but this week they are doing something special. They are giving away three $50 gift cards to Target. This is very exciting. Since Target is an hour away from me, I need one of those cards to justify spending the gas money to travel there. And while I am there I could visit my sister. (Well, I guess technically that would justify spending the gas money, right? Right, husband?)

Here's what you need to do to enter:

1. Go to the website, and you need to do this every day anyway. Leave them a comment on the contest post. If you have something about clicking links, then click the button on the left side of the page.

2. Blog about the contest.

3. Refer other people to SITS so you can earn extra entries.

4. Cross your fingers that I will win. Yes, me. Not you. Me.

5. Sit back and admire your work.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Update on Baby K

We did, in fact, have to take K back to the doctor today. The infection was spreading further toward her girly parts and it was about twice as deep this morning. The surgeon looked at it and said it wasn't that bad. But when she actually traumatized my child while slicing it open before she was numb, she said there was much more infection than she expected. She packed it with gauze strip to be removed by me tomorrow. K goes for a recheck on Monday afternoon.

I advised my niece when we got home that she should never have any children. Why? Because the pain from seeing one of your children in pain is unbearable. The tears I cried today because I could not stop her pain, because she blamed me for her pain because I was the one holding her down. Moms are supposed to be a comfort to their children, and here K was thinking that her Mama was doing this to her. Oh, the way she screamed!! And there was nothing I could do but hug her and tell her that I love her, not very convincing that everything was going to be okay with tears streaming down my face. On the other hand, I should tell her to have a child (one day--like 15 years from now) so that she can experience this deep of a love. Sometimes I forget to enjoy my children and sometimes I feel burdened by their constant need. But it is days like today that makes me remember how much I do love my children and why I miss them when they are not with me.

Thanks for your prayers. She is not quite out of the woods. There is still a chance of further infection and complications. Please just pray that we can get those antibiotics in her instead of sitting on the counter (she won't take them) and that God's healing powers will work on this baby who has already suffered through so much pain.

Friday Foto Fun

These are my two little crazies, my homewrecker and my sweet innocent quiet little angel. I'll let you guess which is which. Even though they have their disagreements, there are sweet precious little moments like these, captured for you. Blogging takes alot out of Sophie.

Now, head on over to Candid Carrie and check out some more fabulous fotos. You can click the button on the left side of my blog. This happens every Friday so make it a point of going every week to see some interesting fotos. On Fridays.

New Life

Okay, it has occurred to me after reading so many blogs that maybe my priorities are not right. To obtain a long sought after joy, all I have to do is look in front of me. God is handing it to me on a silver platter. I have a wonderful husband who makes us all laugh, smart, beautiful children who make me laugh (sometimes--when they are not fighting). I have got to realize that no material possession is going to bring me lasting joy. That is something that only Jesus can do. I have a salvation that not everyone has the privilege of knowing. I have a kind and loving Lord, a giving and forgiving Lord. What more do I need?

I am going to cut back on my computer time, trying to narrow it down to early mornings when I am the only one awake, nap times, and after bedtime for the kids. They need more of their mother than I have been willing to give lately. I have been really stressed out and have turned to the internet or shopping to try to give me peace. There is only one thing that will give me peace--Our Lord. I have to learn that the only person I can turn to that can truly offer me the things that I need or want is God.

I have got to be a little more accepting of others, to quit being so negative and critical of others. I have got to learn to forgive and forget. I have to learn to let my children be children and enjoy it. This time will not be here forever. I have to learn to be more accepting of my husband's enjoyment of music and its mastery. I have to be a better steward of time and money. I have to learn to be better at a relationship with my Father. I have to be a better wife and mother, housekeeper. I have to think of my body as a temple of God and take better care of it. I have to exercise a little will power and perseverance.

I can do all of these things in Christ who strengthens me. I will need divine help and blessing to change. But most of all, I have to accept God's love and blessings as just that. I have to realize that life is not about making myself happy, but about the happiness of others as well. And I need to realize that I will never truly be happy without that steadfast relationship with God that I so long to have.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Prayers for Baby K

I took Baby K to the doctor today about a knot-type lesion that came up on her buttock last night. And boy, am I glad I did. She has what appears to be MRSA (staph infection), the one that is methicillin resistant. She was started on a heavy dose of antibiotics (one of the few that does treat it), a antibiotic cream, and Epsom Salt baths. She is on Motrin because she is running about a 101 fever since the doctor today. If she has not improved or it has gotten worse they she will be sent to the surgery center to have it lanced. She is only 2 and my niece was hospitalized and had lots of complications for a long time from this same thing last year when she was 13. The antibiotics also caused problems for her by dropping her white blood count, so please pray for God's healing touch and no further complications from the staph or medication. Thanks for your joint prayers. My sweet baby needs them. Here's a picture so you can see who needs your prayers.

Best Friend--Raggin' Wednesday a day late

I have two best friends, my sister Leigh and we'll call her Margo. She has been my non-sister BFF since 2001. We worked together at a job that made us both crazy, but she has always been able to make me laugh. Well, recently--oh, the last five or six months--I just have not heard from her. No phone calls, no emails, no myspace messages. If I did get a response, it was one or two words. I even sent provoking, smarta** comments to her, only to get a short little response, if any. This has made me very sad. But I have gone through this with another friend. We make plans, she cancels. I call, she doesn't. I email, she doesn't. I look for her at school, she dropped out. And I never even knew. And here it is going on again. I haven't attempted real hard to save our friendship because I feel like I am begging someone to be my friend. But just to show you what kind of effect she has on me, my husband is jealous of her. He wants to make me laugh like she does. But no one makes me laugh like her.

Yesterday, I decided to call her. I felt the need to identify myself on the message, it had been that long. The last time I talked to her was about two months ago for about 5 seconds, long enough to hear that she and her boyfriend had broken up. She was supposed to call me back, but she did not. I was very sad because I miss her incredibly. I need that good kind of insanity that she brings to me. The kind where I feel the freedom to act silly and let loose. She totally brings out a different side of me.

Back to calling her, she called me back last night. She was very apologetic about not being around. She has been going down a road that I have already been down with Baby Daddy. It absolutely breaks my heart for her because I know the strength she must muster to walk away, and the pain and heartbreak that walking away will cause. I remember that pain so clearly. I remember praying for God to harden my heart so it wouldn't hurt so badly. And he did. I also know that August 25, 2001 was the turning point in my life. Not only did I leave that day, I also met Mr. Wonderful that day ( a post for another time).

But what I am here to say, Margo, is that I forgive you. I love you so very much and only want you to be spared that pain. Hearing last night what you are going through made me remember a time when I was closed off and withdrawn from everyone because things were so bad at home. I remember how bad you hated Baby Daddy for causing me that pain, how you plotted and schemed to help me realize that there was someone else out there that was interested in me, even with a child. You are so right...our friendship is worth keeping. I promise to do a better job of being there for you. You are the person that got me through that disastrous time in my life, and I need to be there for you. I hope that you stay strong and realize that as you said last night, I will never waiver. I will never leave. I will be here when you need me. No matter how frequently or how seldom, I'm here.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blogger Layout Changes Suck

I sooo want to change my blog layout--can't afford for anyone to do it for me--but I hate that everytime I do I lose my blog list. Does anyone understand how bad this ticks me off? I spent all morning yesterday reentering everyone's information to my list, but today I was going to outsmart blogger. I copied my current html code before I posted the new one. Little did I know that the new one wouldn't work at all. I mean there wasn't even a blog anymore. So I attempted to paste my old one. Guess what? It wouldn't work either and although i saved all the information and reposted it all, it still deleted my bloglist. I hate this crap! Now I'll have to spend another few hours recreating the list. This sucks! Please forgive me if I don't comment you for the next day or two while I diligently work to restore this chaos. Thanks!

Nothing New

Okay, I am still here, people. I can always think of funny things that my children say, but other than that, I really have nothing to say. I'll start with Bro Man:

He and Mr. Wonderful went to Wally World together the other night. They had each gotten them a lava lamp at Target when we went while visiting my sister on Saturday. Bro Man's lava lamp was broken and he just wasn't having the pink one. So Mr. Wonderful took the pink one to the music studio and took Bro Man to go get a new one. Bro Man told me this story yesterday. Bro Man asks why they are buying something and Mr. Wonderful says "I don't know. Why are we buying this?" Bro Man: Touche.

Touche? An 8 year old. And he used in correctly. And he knows what it means. Mr. Wonderful said during the story, "Yeah. Whatever that means." I asked Bro Man what it means and he says "You've got a point." I'm impressed.

Baby K is so used to "rockin' out" to music that she now finds things to rock out to. In fact, on more than one occasion she has used my Diet Coke bottle as a guitar all the while doing her best 2 yo impression of guitar sounds. And she says, "Look, Mama. I'm rockin' the bottle." Told ya my children had music in their blood.

I've got a few little projects that I am working on. I am so loving the big fat white birds that I am seeing decorating people's home on their blogs. I read today where I could find one of those birds for $1 plus the cost of spray paint. So for $2.12 I gots me a biiiird. I am so excited. I have a few furniture pieces that I need to paint and a bed frame and headboard/footboard that I need out of my dining room.

So my super cool rockin' sister Leigh has me a big ol' desk for my sewing room. I want to repurpose it as a cutting table. I have no where but my dining room table to cut fabric and it bugs me to have to leave my huge sewing room just to cut fabric. I also want to use it as a crafting space, so again I don't have to use the dining room.

Bro Man left yesterday going to Baby Daddy's house for the week. His half brother and sister are here from Arizona, so he has gone to spend time with them. And I heard through the grapevine yesterday that Baby Daddy and Barbie got engaged on their cruise this past week. Well, good for them.

Okay, so I am through gossiping now. And my man is on the TV. The top one in the yummy pics from the other day. I'm off to drool....toodles!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Why I Hate Wally World Part Deux

Okay, first I am stoked to say that I have learned how to strike through text. Yay, me!!! And Google. I tip my hat raise my glass to Google in all its information-filled glory. Here's to you "Goog"! (See I told you I learned how!)

Now, on with Part II. Last year there was a stalker guy in Wal-World. Every time I went in there, this creepy man was there and he would always find me. He would follow me through the store. This is what he did: He would walk up behind you and stand about two inches behind you. When you realize he is there and nicely offer to move out of his way, he pretends he is looking at what you are. But he never picks anything up. Then he follows you through the store, continuously pulling this stalking act. I used to tell my husband about it and he would pretend that he paid the guy to do it to keep me out of Wal-Hell. (Well, in truth in worked b/c I stayed out alot more.) I never saw this guy anywhere else, until the Shell station. He worked there and I didn't know. I never would have stopped there had I known. I was getting a drink out of the cooler. When I pulled the drink out, there he was staring me down from behind the cooler. I quickly turned to go to the register and out he comes, just staring. Well, the epitome of his creepiness occurred when my husband went with me but we were in seperate departments. I went to get diapers and heard some shoes flopping behind me. I looked over my shoulder only to find him approaching. I very quickly left the baby section. I was at one end of the aisles and he was at the others. He was running to try to keep me in sight. Boy, was it relief when I finally found Mr. Wonderful and Bro Man. I was absolutely terrified. He was getting bolder.

I told one of my sister's about it and she told the story at work. It turns out that two of the women there had the same thing happen to them. One of them decided to call a police officer friend. He talked to the guy and I have not seen him since. Until.....

I went yesterday. He walked past the aisle I was on and chills went all over my body. My heart was pounding. He did not turn towards me. But then I saw it....he was doing it to someone else. And let me tell you...I got fired up! I whipped my buggy (we're in the South..they are buggies.) on the aisle they were on and just watched him. And I let him know I was watching. The sad part is he continued to do it knowing I was watching him. She moved out of his way. He moved in closer. She went around him and left the aisle. He left the aisle. Only this time I left the aisle too. She had stopped to look at movies near the registers and I took the opportunity to tell her what was going on. She said she had noticed "being in his way" several times, but did not realize he was following her. She was totally creeped out and left immediately.

But this is why I hate that store: I stopped and talked to one of the asst mgrs and the security mgr on my way out. The security guy was young and wrote down most of what I said. The asst mgr (one of the ones involved in the Part I) rolled his eyes and acted as if he really didn't care. I was a bother to him. I even told them that I know that he checks out (when he even bothers to buy anything) and puts it in his car and then comes back in. I informed them that he was probably in there at the time, even though I had seen him check out. My BIL who works there stopped by yesterday afternoon and informed me that he had seen him in there about 30 minutes after I left. He and another worker observed him stalking another woman. But do you think management did anything about it?? No. I know that the man has not violated anything yet other than personal space, but he is being so blatant with it when he used to be sneaky. Oh, he will rue the day that he decides to do it to me again!!!! I will sooooo turn be-yotch on him and alert everyone around me by raising my voice really loud. The police officer who talked to him said he thought that confronting him would stop him, but it will probably only stop him from stalking the ones who do confront him. But it does make me scared to go to my car. Because I know he is out there. And what if he gets pissed off and aggressive?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fun on the Fourth

Okay, first off thanks to all of our military serving this country at home and abroad. Thanks to all the families at home while their loved one serves. We love you all and appreciate every sacrifice you make.

With that being said, we had such a wonderful 4th. We went to Aunt & Uncle's house and had a get together with family that we haven't seen much of the last 6 years or so. We cooked out, let the kids swim, fished, rode four wheelers, fireworks, and just caught up with each other. Here are some pics from the big day.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Giveaway

Okay, so I am totally stoked about this giveaway that I found. It is from Sew Gracious. Go check out the fabulouso creations from this woman, and be sure to enter. It's Sew Great!

Isn't it gorgeous? Wouldn't you love for me to have it? are so sweet! Now go enter.


The SITS girls are having another giveaway, one we can only dream of. It's a Target giftcard in the amount of $100. That's right, $100. You've got to check it out. Let's think of all the things that can be purchased at Target (by me) for $100.

1: school clothes for Bro Man

2: clothes for me

3: shoes for me

4: clothes for the girls

5: shoes for the girls

6: nothing for the husband

7: organizational items

8: bedding for girls' room

9: a gazillion other things

Go check out this awesome giveaway and let 'em know ugagirl sent you.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Why I Hate Wally World

Okay, I don't mean the vacation spot from the Chevy Chase movie either. Hot Tub Lizzy inspired me with her Raggin' Wednesday post to share with every one why I hate the retail giant.

Picture it: Greenville, 2005. I, one week after giving birth to my third child and having a tubal ligation, was hosting Thanksgiving at my house. I had run out of flour for the pies I was baking and decided to run myself to get some more. I slipped on a shirt that I bought the night before , grabbed my overcoat, my keys, and ran out the door.

I entered the doors and went to get flour. I looked at the Christmas decorations (because a girl can never have too many) and then went to get in line. There was only one person in line in front of me, and an assistant manager at the end of the register. She kept looking at me. I thought it was because she noticed that I had the baby. (Yes, they see my that frequently.) A man got in line behind me just as the line next to us became empty. I mentioned to him that the next register had no one if he wanted to go over there. Because he was behind me, I couldn't have moved. He said he would just stay in line where he was. He didn't mind waiting. Who doesn't mind waiting.

I am looking around waiting on the person with three thousand dollars worth of groceries in front of me to pay. A uniformed police officer walks up and starts talking to the man in line behind me. The assistant manager leaves her post at my register and takes the police officer into the clothes section.

I paid for my stuff and stopped to fill my icee cup on the way out. A little girl walks up to me and tells me I have a sticker on my shirt. I look down to see a size sticker on the shirt. I simply just pulled the sticker off and threw it into the trash. As I turned to walk away, I hear "Ma'am, I need you to come with me." I threw a glimpse over my shoulder and see the police officer standing there looking at me. "Me?" "Yes. You." I walk over to him and he says, "We are conducting a survey to see how your shopping experience went today." This is how the conversation goes.

Me: Are you kidding me? Is this because I had a size sticker on my shirt?

Him: You had a size sticker on your shirt?

Me: Yes. And you know that I did because you are having this conversation with me right now.

Him (to asst mgr): Is this the one?

Her: Yea.

Me: I bought this shirt last night at Store #2. I just threw it on real quickly to come get some flour. I have the receipt at home if you want my husband to bring it. Besides, you don't even sell this brand of clothes.

Asst. Mgr (looking at tag inside of shirt): Yes, we do.

Me: Of course you do.

So they drag me into the security room. Well not really drag b/c I reluctantly followed them. But unfortunately for me, all of the managers on duty at the time didn't know how to operate the security cameras. So I have to sit there and wait for them to call in a manager that can operate them. They repeatedly deny my request to have my husband bring the receipt. So for 20 minutes the police officer and I sit in the room by ourselves.

Him: I don't think you stole the shirt. You didn't look like you had done anything wrong.

Me: That's because I didn't.

Him: Well, they tracked me down. I was in the store shopping and they flagged me down and said they had a shoplifter.

Me: Well, they were wrong.

20 minutes later:

A third assistant manager arrives to get the security camera that focuses on the dressing room, because apparently they think this is the only place in the store that someone can change into a shirt they want to steal. After another ten minutes of watching the dressing room footage, I VERY POLITELY (ha!) request that they look at the front door footage and see what I was wearing when I came in. By the time they pinpoint my entrance, a full hour has passed and I am a crying, emotional wreck. Four people from my church entered the doors as I was being escorted into the security room.

Him:(After viewing the video footage of me wearing my purple sweater when I entered the doors) You are free to go.

Me: Well, it is about time.

Him: Do you want me to walk you out?

Me: Well Wal-Mart probably does because they don't want some crazed shoplifter on the loose in their store. Besides, you probably need to make sure that I don't pick something up on my way out.

Well, Joe Officer begged me all the way to my car not to be mad at him. He was just doing his job and he knew from the beginning that I did nothing wrong. Besides the asst mgr couldn't even find a sweater similar to it in their store. That's because it didn't come from there.

Skip forward a few days to a meeting with the store manager. He was aware of the situation as told by guilty assistant manager.

Me: I have one question. Do you carry X brand of clothing?

Mgr: No. We never have.

Me: Then your asst mgr lied to cover her ass. She knew she was going to look stupid in front of the police officer, so she blatantly lied.

Mgr: She didn't tell me that she looked at the tag in your clothes.

Me: That's because she didn't want to feel stupid. I just wonder how many other times this has happened in your store.

Mgr: None to my knowledge.

Me: Then why did not one of the four asst mgrs involved feel the need to apologize for wrongly accusing me of shoplifting?

Mgr: I really am sorry that this happened.

Me: Well, I will no longer be shopping here. I will drive 1 hr to shop at another store.

Well, I didn't shop at another store. I decided I wasn't going to let Dumb and Dumbers run me out of this store. So I continued to shop there while they continued to follow me through the store for about a year. Guess what? They never caught me shoplifting--BECAUSE I DON'T!!!! Ask my husband about how much money Wal-Mart gets from us. Maybe I should start shoplifting. And that stupid asst mgr still won't look me in the eye, three years later.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

To My Husband: I Forgive You

Okay, last night Keith was watching a show on OCD women, women with OCD I should say. One lady was OCD about her house. She literally scrubbed it for hours before she could go to bed because everything had to be spick and span before she could sleep. A second woman was OCD about her weight. She is 5'5" and weighs 115 pounds. This is unacceptable to her. She carries her scale with her to work every day, and weighs multiple times daily. She weighs first thing in the morning. If the scale shows over 115 it will be a bad day. If it is under, it will be a good day. Her goal weight is 100 pounds. She has tried everything, I mean everything, to lose the weight. Keith looks at me and says:

"Wow. If you could take her and mix her with the woman obsessed with house cleaning, you would have the perfect woman."

Now, while I know that he was joking, the overly sensitive side of me automatically thinks "I'm too fat (which I already knew) and I am a lousy housekeeper (which I already knew)."

So, to Keith, I forgive you for being insensitive in your jokes. Now I have to work on forgiving myself for letting myself and my house go. Maybe then I can work on making those things better.

My latest obsession


Last Night's Television Programming


1. Celebrity Family Feud--I am loving the remakes of classic games shows that has been airing. Oh Duane Lee, how I love thee. Did Dog Chapman really say that Leland was the hot one in the family??? Come on. Did you see the brother he was standing beside? DL kicks his boo-tay!

2. The Secret Life of an American Teenager: While the concept of teenage sex is never overdone, the portrayal of the Christians as some sort of freaks for not having sex before marriage was horrible. The acting was horrible. I am glad that someone was at least willing to put the Christian viewpoint in there (for once) but the way it was portrayed was somewhat odd. While I wish there were more teenagers spreading their Christianity and morals with others, the character came across as pushy. The acting in the show is horrible. Horrible, I say!! One more time--the acting was horrible! It was nearly as bad as Facing The Giants (which was a great movie despite the lack of acting).

Well those are the only two things from last night that I watched. Now I am off to be a kool-aid fairy for my niece and nephew and then to baseball camp.

*** I have had several people tell me that they have not seen Facing The Giants. Despite the horrible lack of acting ability, the movie and its message are unbelievable. You absolutely must watch it!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday Taboo

Okay, so I mentioned in a comment the other day that I wanted to start a Friends trivia. Then I saw the same thing on someone else's blog, so you totally should play along with her. She is at

I want to come up with something cool to do. Like Tuesday Taboo. I loooooovvvveeee Taboo. So I am going to give three clues about a word--that are not Taboo--and the first person to guess them is the winner. And while I don't have a prize to award yet, you get the honor of winning the first Tuesday Taboo on Crazy and Happy.

Word 1 clues:

Word 2 clues:

Word 3 clues:
I'll be back

Word 4 clues:
over the ______
pedal to the metal

Word 5 clues: