Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blogger Layout Changes Suck

I sooo want to change my blog layout--can't afford for anyone to do it for me--but I hate that everytime I do I lose my blog list. Does anyone understand how bad this ticks me off? I spent all morning yesterday reentering everyone's information to my list, but today I was going to outsmart blogger. I copied my current html code before I posted the new one. Little did I know that the new one wouldn't work at all. I mean there wasn't even a blog anymore. So I attempted to paste my old one. Guess what? It wouldn't work either and although i saved all the information and reposted it all, it still deleted my bloglist. I hate this crap! Now I'll have to spend another few hours recreating the list. This sucks! Please forgive me if I don't comment you for the next day or two while I diligently work to restore this chaos. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, unfortunately you have to save your page elements and enter all that information.

You asked me yesterday for some tips and I'm gonna post some tips later on tonight! ;)

I gotta go buy some dogfood first though....he's out of food and looking a little pitiful

Melissa Lee said...

hey momma, just wanted to thank you for your kind words today. I needed to hear them. I need your prayers - and feel certain I have them.

Much love to you,
Melissa at Stretch Marks