Sunday, July 27, 2008

Backyard Friends

Yesterday evening, we had a light summer shower. Well, it started as a small summer thunderstorm and just ended in a light shower. Mr. Wonderful came inside to get me to let me know about some hawks that were perched in a dead tree in the backyard. We watched them closely only to find that they seemed to bathing. It was really awesome and we have never seen them interact with each other that closely. Here are some of the pictures.

I love the way that these pictures turned out. While it is hard to make out that they are hawks, the blackness against the sky just looks cool.

It is amazing that we live in the city and have wildlife in our backyard. Then this morning when I took the dog out, I was amazed to find that they were still there. And then I saw why.
Run for your life bunny!! We actually enjoyed watching the chase one day, but only because the bunny got away. Nature is amazing!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Heather! Glad to hear the family is feeling better. Zman and I are doing good....spending a lazy Sunday together. The animals were just fed so they are all snoozing.....

Love the pics....its funny because I was kind of doing the same thing yesterday. I had a little squirrel visit me on my backporch. Z always wastes a lot of food, so instead of throwing it away...I pitch some of it in the backyard...then I sit back like Snow White and watch all my little furry friends come to eat. I love watching nature glad we get to enjoy some of it in suburbia as well!!!

Take care, friend!

Maternal Mirth said...

Oh ... my home in AZ is chock-fulla-hawks! One actually came up to my kitchen window and stared me down. Then took off with a whole ham.

Kidding :)

BTW - Loving your blog!