Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Blog Design

Yeah me!!! Thanks to lots of help from Zander and Me, I was able to change my blog design to something else. I did not get brave enough to create one myself, but was able to download one from Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates. Isn't it so cute? I feel so much lighter now!!

Now I can work on getting that blog list reassembled and my buttons back. I'm on the road to feeling happy again. I had a minor meltdown this morning because of lack of appreciation in this house. I left for an hour this morning and road around listening to another church's sermon--but it was just for me. As it always is. God was reminding me that I did not come to salvation without Jesus and I can't do life by myself either. And when we try...we make a mess of things. I came home to a very loving, understanding husband (even though he was not when I left). He told me that I should not think that I am unappreciated because our family could not operate with me and he most certainly could not. Go ahead...we'll do it together: AWWWWWWW! Pretty sweet, huh?

I swear I was ready to run away. For good. I really could never leave my children or my husband for good, but I need some time to myself. He took all three kids to visit his mom this afternoon for the bi-weekly visit. Maybe it will be a long visit.

Just wanted to let everyone know that things with Margo have been much better. We are planning to spend the day together Wednesday and just catch up. I really have missed her. Thanks for all of the encouraging words.

Well, enough rambling today. Talk to you all again soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I love your new look!

Its funny because when I first started my blog, I chose the same layout you did, the dark dots..which looks like the set of Larry King....then ventured out from there.

I know the type of day you speak of....I had one yesterday, but since I was alone with Zander, I couldn't leave him.....but boy it would have been nice to get away...

I'm glad your hubby let you know you are needed....I would say sometimes being mommy is a thankless job....some days it is anyway! Enjoy your downtime! :)

The Mom said...

Love it it's gorgeous!

Graham Shenanigans said...

I do like it Heather. I lost all my stuff the when I changed mine too. Now I am scared to change it....

God has a way of speaking to us even when we don't think we need Him to. He is a wonderful God!!

Lula! said...

I LOVE the new look. Love, love, love it.