Sunday, August 31, 2008


All of the kids stayed home from school Friday with Daddy. Coach Nick came and laid the new carpet, but didn't do it in the hallway. I was very disappointed to still have green carpet in the house, but the living room looks awesome. Mr. Wonderful told me that the hardwoods underneath the carpet in the living room were in great condition. So Friday afternoon and night, I pulled up the hallway carpet, pad, tack strips, staples, etc. It looks so awesome, though. The living room looks so much bigger now. We got rid of the huge light wood entertainment center and got a highboy entertainment center that is considerably smaller, but matches so well. I will post pics soon.

I found a super large mirror on clearance the other day for $25. It is a shabby chic kind of off white, so it will either adorn the wall in my bedroom or in the hallway. (I vote for the hallway.) With the way it would be positioned in the hallway, we can lay in our bed and see Baby K laying in hers.

A very sweet thing transpired Friday while I was working. The girls were laying in our bed watching a movie when Emily came out with a shocked, tear-filled look. Bless her heart. She had watched Baby K fall asleep and thought that she had died right there before her. Baby K falls asleep so fast. Emily was traumatized by her baby sister's apparent death. That brought tears to my eyes.

Oh, I had the most wonderful day with Baby K. We just have not had much time together since I started working. Yesterday, the girls and I spent the day together ( a very unpleasant one) despite it being my anniversary. Today, the whole family spent the day together. Baby K and I went our way and Mr. Wonderful took Emmy and Bro Man with him. Baby K and I laughed more today than we have in the last month. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. She is soooo funny.

We spent a small fortune at Wally World today. It was unintentional, but we did it. Ryan picked an off-brand Wii type game that was clearly marked $29.98 on the shelf. Mr. Wonderful let the girls pick a $25 slip 'n slide. He got a gas grill (hurricane possibility). We got an invisible fence system to keep Jack-bo in the yard. We got a few groceries and some batteries. Mr. W paid for their three things while I got the few groceries. Then Baby K and I paid for the other stuff. Ours totaled $235 dollars. He told me that his totaled $254, which is more than $60 of an overcharge. I looked at his receipt and Bro Man's game system was $80--needless to say, it and the slip 'n slide went back. $114 for those two things. Still spent too much money, but the grill is something that we use religiously and the invisible fence is for the safety of Jack and the neighborhood. (He bit a hole in Mr. W's brother's shorts yesterday). But in Jack's defense, he views baseball caps as threatening. Once Kyle took his hat off, Jack stopped attacking him. I think he is just defending his family, but Mom thinks he is dangerous. He gets after people all the time, but as long as they stand their ground he backs down. If they run, it is on like a chicken bone.

Just curious if anyone has used the PediPaws pet filing thingee that I have seen advertised on tv. Please let me know if this works before my dog punctures an artery and I bleed to death. His claws are so sharp right now.

Well, enough for tonight. I am going to be a better steward of time--and make more time for my family. Hopefully, I can go back to blogging and commenting soon. Just have to get adjusted to this whole new schedule.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Monday was the anniversary of the day that my life changed. Seven years ago to the day, I left the horrible relationship that I was in, and started my life over. I remember it vividly. My sister and dad showed up to my house that Saturday morning, and we had everything packed and moved out within about three hours. This was no easy task with a one year old under foot, but we did it nonetheless. It wasn't pretty, but it was done. We threw clothes, blankets, shoes, and anything else that would fit into a sheet we had spread on the floor. We folded up the corners, tied them, and moved on to the next one. We used suitcases to pack up dishes, pictures, knick-knacks, and anything else we could cram into them. It was a very emotional day. I wasn't just leaving someone that I had spent the last four years loving, the father of my son. I was leaving his children, as well. I was leaving my best friend who lived across the road. We loaded up my dad's work truck, my sister's car, my car and we headed off to my parents, where Bro Man and I would spend the next year.

My sisters, not wanting me to sit home feeling sorry for myself, invited me to a dinner they were having about twenty miles away. So completely swollen eyed from crying, I headed off to Twin #2's and Leigh's. Mom and Dad kept Bro Man for me. Oh, how heartbroken I was. I felt like the most horrible failure imaginable. Why couldn't I make that relationship work? How could I love someone so totally and completely and hate them so much at the same time? How do you still love someone when they obviously hate you so much?

After an afternoon full of prayers, I headed to a dreaded dinner. It wasn't that I didn't want to be around my sisters (and I am eternally grateful to them for this), I just did not want to be around anyone. I wanted to lay in my bed and cry and wallow in self-pity--exactly the things that my sisters did not want me doing. I prayed that God would harden my heart towards BD.

That night with my sisters is unforgettable. It was Twin #2 and her husband, Leigh and Twin 2's cousin-in-law. Now, CIL was cute, but they really were trying to fix him up with Leigh. And I so totally was not interested in meeting a man.

In October of that year, I began dating the brother of my best friend. Things got way too serious way too fast, and in three weeks, he was talking about marriage. He was really good to me. Really, really good to me. We continued to date for a couple of months. My whole family loved this guy and if my parents could choose someone for me to this day, I think it would be him. He loved my family just as much and wanted nothing more than to be around them. For the first time in his life since his divorce, he was a good dad. He called his girls every single night to talk to them. He paid his child support religiously. But I could not get over BD. And he understood that and still wanted to marry me. I just was not ready.

In November, Twin 2 called to tell me that CIL wanted to go out with me. Well, because of best friend's brother, I told her no. But my curiosity was peaked. I went to watch him and my BIL play in an old-timers football game for their high school. I broke it off with Best Friend's Brother just a few short weeks later. It was not until New Year's Eve that I went out with CIL. And I never looked back. Early September of the next year, I told him that I didn't know if I would ever be ready to be married. He told me that the trip that he had planned for my birthday was to propose. I was shocked. I didn't know what to say or what to do. It was about thirty seconds later that realized I could not imagine my life without him. I could not wait for the day that I could marry him. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this magnificent creature. For Christmas that year, I got my ring. And this weekend, after the addition of two more children, we celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. I still cannot imagine my life without this man. I love him beyond belief. He is my strength, my sanity, my everything. Without him, I would be nothing.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Crazy Tired

I am thoroughly exhausted this morning. Last night we had some pretty rough weather due to the tropical storm. It was barely raining at my house, so I ventured out to return some shoes I had bought for Hubby. Two miles down the road at the store, the rain and the wind were so bad, I felt like that hot, bald guy (wow, I never thought I would say those two words at the same time) named Jim on the Weather Channel when he stands on the beach while a hurricane makes landfall. The wind was so strong that I could barely walk. An umbrella was useless. Completely soaked, I did not even attempt to use my umbrella on the way out, fearing I might turn into Mary Poppins. I got home soaked to the bone to barely a drizzle. Two miles can make all the difference.

But on a good note, we had some yummy chili last night. It was just the right kind of day and night to curl up in the bed and take a nap (which I did) and to eat chili. If only I would have had some Georgia football to go with it. One more week and counting. That ought to get me through the week.

And good news, I finally got to turn in my new hire paperwork. The lady at the BOE was nice enough to grant me an August paycheck even though the cutoff date had passed for August pay. So now, maybe seeing some money will keep me motivated as well.

I am so procrastinating right now. I am so sleepy, so I am trying my hardest not to do lesson plans and homework. I also have to create a Jeopardy game as a study guide. I even cooked pancakes this morning to avoid the things I don't want to do.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Settling In

Thanks to everyone who has sent me a message asking how things are going. I certainly do appreciate the encouragement. Things have been tough--tougher than I could have imagined. But my professor pointed out to me the other day that I am basically thinking "white." I am expecting out of my students what I would do and how I would behave. I am setting the standards for them at what I think they should be for white America. Basically, I am failing to recognize the differences between the black students and white students. I am learning that I cannot be colorblind. Seeing color is one of the things that must happen in order to be a successful teacher.

After two especially rough weeks with three of my classes, a near fight that resulted in threats to shoot another student and everyone else in the room, a student pulled out of my room for bringing drugs to school with the intent to sell, I went to the principal. I laid it all out for him. I told him that I had no intention of coming back last Monday when I left the previous Friday. It was at that point that he realized that things must really be bad. Fortunately, I have a VERY supportive principal and assistant principals. They have agreed to help me in any and every way they can, without overstepping the bounds and running my class for me. My principal helped me to realize that most of my frustrations are at myself, not at my classes. But I am not a quitter. I refuse to quit and let these kids get the best of me. I love teaching the classes where there is some semblance of order. I made the principals aware of the sexual harassment from two students, so now those two will be gone if it continues.

I am stronger than they are. They have not seen strong yet. I will persevere and I will win!!!!!!! I. will. win. Losing is not an option.

The girls really enjoy their school. Hubby got called Friday at 2:30 that Baby K was throwing up. She was over it by the time I got home yesterday afternoon. I was up for three hours with Emmy during the night before she finally threw up. She says her stomach still does not feel good, but she has not been sick anymore.

Bro Man and I got up early this morning and headed to Montgomery. We spent the morning doing some shopping and thankfully got home before this tropical storm rain and winds started. We had such a wonderful morning. There was only one time when I had a problem with him and he immediately apologized for talking to me the way that he did. He was so very super sweet.

Well, I'm done for now. I promise this blog is not going into a rambling about teaching, but right now that is about all that is going on in my life.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I hate it!

Okay, I hate teaching. I hate the kids. I hate, hate the kids. I hate, hate, hate the drug-dealing and using kids. Oh, did I mention that I hate the kids??

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lettin' It Go

This post is here because I haven't really written anything all week, and I am lettin' it all out now. Both girls are in the pre-K programs that I wanted them to be in. We are just out $250 that we paid to the private school for Emmy as a registration fee when the K-4 program said they absolutely could not take her. But I would much rather cut my losses at that than to get caught up with that school. For my job's sake, I cannot possibly be involved in the private school. Baby K had a great first day of school yesterday. She stayed in her big girl panties all day. The teacher said they really didn't even know that she was in the room. But she was so worn out when I picked her up. Emmy starts Monday. Bro Man had a great first day, other than having this chick in there that has been stalking him since kindergarten. It really is a sad day when a kindergarten girl asks a kindergarten boy if he thinks she is hot. That's ridiculous!! I'll have to have a talk with the teacher about her. He says she is sitting by him and following him around.

My first day was kinda rough. We had a two hour homeroom, so I know them pretty well. First period and second period were only ten minutes. Third period was about fifteen when it was supposed to be thirty. Fourth was pretty good, fifth was okay, sixth was sheer and utter hell, and seventh was superb. After my homeroom was released, my reputation preceeded me. I had the audacity to make tenth graders walk in a straight line to the auditorium for the assembly. They tried me a little on the way there, but on the way back, we only had to start over one time for them to realize that I meant business. But then they all got blow pops when they got back to the room. Fourth period really had an aversion to walking in a straight line to lunch, so I made them a deal that we would try letting them walk their way as long as they were quiet. And three teachers complimented me on how quiet they were on the way. They get blow pops on Monday. I don't really remember fifth period, so I guess it was uneventful. Sixth period was out of control. There was never a moment that control was established. At the very end, I ended up saying, "If you say another word, you can see me at break on Monday." Most got quiet for the first time, but I have three scheduled for break detention. Three thugs. They won't show. You know why? Because I don't know their names yet. So when they get to my class on Monday, they will have two days break detention. And when they don't show, they will be my very first office referrals. Sixth period was so bad that the police officer at the school decided to stop in my class. So bless my ninth graders hearts come seventh period. I made sure there was control in that class. Oh, but I can already tell, they will try me.

Hubby is in a bad mood today. I am not really sure why. He says kids and house. I have been trying to help him with laundry today and I cooked supper and I took Bro Man to BD to see his grandparents who are here for the weekend from Ohio. But let me tell you why I am not in a good mood. A very simple little thing that just set me off. We have 2 1/2 bathrooms. The main bathroom is the one in the hallway. Everyone has always showered in that bathroom. About 8-10 months ago, Hubby put an aerating shower nozzle on the shower. I hate that shower head and have vocalized this many, many times. Since we moved into the master, the master bath has become my bathroom. No one else uses it. Slowly but surely, the rest of the family is starting to take it over. Hubby even told me that it was my bathroom. Today, he comes home from the store with an aerating shower nozzle for my shower. My. shower. I said "Why?" Because he wanted it there. "But you don't even shower in there?" Because he hated the other shower head. Oh, little lambs, it will not stay there. I will purchase one that I have been wanting and it will be on the shower in my bathroom. No kids. No husband. My bathroom. Mine. Mine. MINE! I swear I'll take a case of Diet Coke and lock myself in there.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bomb Diggity

My husband is the bomb diggity. I just have to tell you. Now in the four years that I have stayed home, he has not been one to be much help in the housekeeping department. Really, the only time that he helped out was when I got really far behind on it, or when we declared laundry bankruptcy and took it all to the laundomat.

But Monday night I got home from my first day at school. I didn't get home until 5:00, and I came home to find that my husband was doing laundry. He told me that he was taking over laundry duty from then on. How awesome is that?

Then yesterday I got home at 4:3o again. He got home a few minutes later and immediately began doing laundry. But not only that...when he was home yesterday for lunch, he washed up the few dishes that were in the sink. So far, since I have started working, I have not had any cleaning to do.

Then today, I did not get home until 5:00. I packed up the hubby and kids and we went back to work in my room. He did lots of little things for me like putting things on the wall up high and decorating a bulletin board for me. He cleaned the markerboard and all of the desks. He hung a clock, and made some suggestions of things that I need.

Edited* Leigh brought to my attention that it has fallen solely on his shoulders to find daycare for our two girls. He did manage to get Emmy in a K-4 program at a private school and we are still working on getting Baby K somewhere, but the contact information is his. My principal and superintendent have made clear that they have the pull to get my child in where I want her, so I am probably going to have to make use of them as resources tomorrow.

It is for the above reasons that I nominate my husband as husband of the month. All those in favor say "Aye." All those opposed, say absolutely nothing.

Monday, August 4, 2008



Emmy just got the memo last night that I am working now. She was so excited, but then started crying about how much she is going to miss me. Sweet babies.

Today is going to be emotional. It hit me yesterday, that my girls have never been anywhere or stayed with anyone for any length of time. They have always had food and sippy cups readily available. I am more worried about my two yo than Emmy--Emmy will love K4. Kendall is such a scaredy cat, and always wants her sister. We are going to try to get her into K3, but I don't think they will let her. She knows her abc's, can recognize most of them, and can count to twenty (probably even higher). That is more than most 3 yo can do.

Talk to everyone again this afternoon or evening. Have a blessed day!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Interview Results


Phriday Photo Phinish

Time out. Need I say more? Before you look at the picture....look to your left. Go on. Do iiiitt. See the blue button. Well, as soon as you look at this pic of Baby K, press that blue button. Trust me--you won't regret it.

Okay, I feel the need for further explanation. Baby K is a screamer. When she doesn't get her way or she gets mad, she screams a scream that echoes in my soul. We have been unable to get her to stop this screaming. So now, as a result of her screaming, he gets a veeeerrryy long 3 minutes in time out. But this is how time out works at our house: Time does not start until you are quiet. If you start fussing during the time out, time starts over. So far this has been very effective, because they really do not want the original minutes, let alone extra ones. Baby K gets three minutes (she is 2), Emmy gets 5 minutes (she is 4) and Bro Man goes to his room. The worst punishment for him is to make him clean his room. Obviously she was breaking my heart in this particular time out and her hair was so big when it is usually so flat. I had to document it.