Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blogger Jealousy

I keep seeing all of these fantastic entryways in blogland. And I'm jealous. I have no such entryway. When you walk into the front of my house (for people who don't belong at my house), you are in a converted closed-in porch that now serves as a music studio for Mr. Wonderful. When you walk into the back door (for those who belong), you walk straight into my office/laundry room/catch all room. My wheels are spinning as to how I can transform this room into something that I love. First things first....the pine paneling has to be painted. Second, the "extras" have to go. I think I would love some creative solution to catch backpacks and shoes, hats and scarves, etc. but I just haven't found her yet. I love the curtains in this room and am unwilling to part with them. But never fear....I will figure it out. And when I do, you will have a zillion and one before/after pictures to sort through. Until then, I will keep reading my favorite creative blogs searching for something that makes my heart sing!