Monday, November 30, 2009

Time to Simplify

I am so stressed....with school work due at the last minute and the house in shambles around me...I am ready to simplify. My final for this semester is the 15th. After that, folks, it's go time. I am going to become OCD. I have to. I cannot go on in this chaos. Hopefully, when I become OCD, then my children will too. Something has to change.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Busy Little Bee

So things have just been crazy since the last post. My husband has been a totally different man--the man I married! I love that now when we are all together, he puts on Christian Rock music for the kids to listen to instead of Alternative. I love that he now seems to appreciate the importance of family dinners and doing things with the kids. I love that he absolutely is handling everything since my surgery ten days ago. I get to sleep in while he gets the school kids ready to go. He fixes lunches and suppers. He washes the dishes and the clothes. Not necessarily because he wants to, but because I can't do it. He just does it. He knows that 14 weeks of recovery for mom is a long time, so he is adjusting.

The kids are as wild and messy as always. They certainly aren't going to make it easy on him. Or me. They know that I can't jump up and make them do what is asked of them, so they just choose not to do it. Or to do what I say don't do. Very frustrating.

I have an appointment tomorrow to get the stitches out of my foot, and will probably end up in a cast at that point. I sure was hoping for a shower! I hate baths. Just hate them. I took Baby K to Wal-mart today to get a few groceries. Today is the first day off of crutches, so I got adventurous. Of course, I ran into my doctor who doesn't even live in this town. If I had known he was coming this way, I would have asked him to bring his stuff and save me a trip to Montgomery tomorrow. The shopping trip was probably a little too ambitious for this point in the game because I am hurting now.

Just wanted to do a quick update. Halloween was great. Mr. Wonderful took the children trick-or-treating while I stayed home with my foot up. Yesterday at church was on the very few times that someone has laid hands on me while praying, but lo and behold, I don't need my crutches today. I also have made it 1 1/2 days without pain meds. And I know that yesterday was the first time that I have ever laid hands on someone while praying for them, but it was emotional for both of us. There is just something about touching someone while you pray for them that seems so right. I love this focus on intercessory prayer that we are doing right now. It makes the church seem so much more spiritual.

Well, I'm off. Happy November everyone!