Friday, October 24, 2008


Dear Mother Nature,

I just wanted to remind you that it is October here in Alabama. I am not sure if you have forgotten or if we have done something to offend you. I am writing this letter to urge you to call off the hounds, to wave the white flag, or whatever it is that I need to do to get you to return us to fall. Two weeks ago, you had obviously taken us back to summer with 90 degree temperatures. This week, 40s and 50s. I just need consistency. See, fall is my favorite season. Spring is nice, too, but fall--with its beautifully colored leaves and football---oh, it's so good. And just in case I hold some special favor with you, I respectfully request that the leaves stay those beautiful colors and, preferably, remain on the trees. That would be a big help. I don't love raking. And I really get tired of strangers knocking on my door asking to rake my yard for money. Can I just tell them that I like the leaves?

I guess Coach Blackmon forgot to tell you that I am supposed to work at the football game tonight. Rain, combined with cold temperatures, does not make me a happy camper. If I must stand outside for hours taking tickets of people foolish enough to watch football in this weather, I need some cooperation for the cessation of this rain. Don't get me wrong: I can handle the cold. I can handle rain. I can handle wind. But the combination of the three may actually be lethal. Are you trying to kill me?

I appreciate your time and consideration of these requests.


Loving Fall

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Trials and Tribulations of childhood

Bro Man has always been extremely sensitive about his hair. He has always been very peculiar about how he wants it cut, exactly how much should be cut, etc. He makes sure before he leaves the house that it laying just so.

He was badly in need of a haircut. I took him to my SIL, the hairdresser, last Friday, but she could not cut it just then. And I am too impatient to wait on my off day for her to become available. I have let the hair go all week. But tonight I could not take it anymore. I have, generally speaking, always cut his hair. He prefers a style similar to a military high-and-tight but a little longer. In a way, I am very peculiar about his hair as well.

Tonight I got out the clippers and started the haircut. All was going well and we were talking and laughing. He asked about the time Mr. Wonderful was cutting his hair with the clippers and the blade came off. As soon as he said this, I looked down and the blade had come off, leaving a big bald spot on the side of his head. And all chaos ensued. It has been tears and drama ever since. Mr. Wonderful is in the process of giving him an official high-and-tight. I can't wait to see it--I've always loved the cleanness of one. I remember being a young teenager and seeing a particular soldier at the compound where my mom and sister worked, and yummy--with his high and tight.

We just pulled up some pictures of some men with high and tights and Bro Man thought they looked pretty tough, so he turned out okay with it. It's not completely done yet, and hopefully he'll let me take a picture when he is finished, but from what I have seen, it will be too cute on the handsome man.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Yes, folks that know me know how I love me some DWTS. But I have decided that the show is rigged. There is no way humanly possible that people are voting to keep 82 yo Cloris Leachman on that show. She is a joke. She is on there for people to laugh at. She is not a contender, but like season's past, she has a better dance than she has had in past weeks, and all the sudden her scores jump up higher than some of the others.

Now take Rocco for example. As Bruno said--he didn't have a musical bone in his body. But he genuinely tried. Will he ever be a great ballroom dancer or latin dancer? No. He won't be. But he tried. He didn't get out on the floor and crawl around and pitter-patter during the jive. I understand that she is 82. But she does not have any business on that show if she cannot perform. And there is no way that people are voting to keep her on the show. I just don't buy it.

Do you watch the show? Tell me what you think.

My vote goes to Warren Sapp.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reliving the Past

When Baby K was an infant and we had an event to attend, whether it was a family gathering or birthday party or anything with a crowd, she would get passed from person to person. The result was that she could not sleep that night from anxiety I can only assume. She would have to cuddle with me in my bed, under my covers, and I would talk in a very low voice to her until she fell asleep. Sometimes, when we would go to my MIL's house on Sunday afternoons, she would not get her nap. She was always very peculiar about going to sleep somewhere out of the ordinary. So when we got home, I would sit in the desk chair with my feet propped up and rock my sweet angel. She would go to sleep running her chubby little fingers through the back of my hair. Or she would stroke my face with the same little precious fingers until she went to sleep.

Baby K and I spent the day together Saturday. We went to Montgomery and picked out her birthday party supplies. She decided on Minnie Mouse. We had the best time. She was so funny and entertaining. She had everyone in the party store laughing as she walked through the store, talking on my cell phone to her brother and sister. One particularly hilarious event was when she stomped her foot, clad in her cheer-weeter skirt, and told her sister, "You don't talk to me like that." She had everyone cracking up.

This morning she woke up especially fussy and ill. Nothing made her happy. I turned on the radio by the computer and sat in the desk chair, with my little blonde bombshell in my lap, once again wearing the cheerleader outfit, carrying her Tinkerbell purse filled with pandas and a toothbrush. She sat facing outward, quiet and still, listening to the music. I was reminded of the times when we would sit in the chair and I would rock her to sleep. Eventually she turned facing me, and said in the sweetest voice imaginable, "I want to go to sleep on you." She leaned forward, placing her sweet face against my chest, and fell asleep. I had my feet propped on the desk, like I used to do. The only thing missing was her fingers in my hair. It was such a special moment getting to relive that experience, for what was the first time in almost two years, and may be the last time. See, my baby girl turns three next month. I cannot believe that the time has passed like it has. She has grown up so much over the last few months. She talks so completely clear and makes wonderful sense. In fact, she had a french fry today that looked like a rainbow to her. I love that she looks at things with a different approach. So while these special moments of babydom are dwindling, I will always have the memories and always have the future to make even more beautiful memories.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh Glorious Day!

Okay, this week has been hell at school. I have been so stressed out. The closer it came to the end of the week, the worse it got for me. I needed a break. So, knowing that we have Monday and Tuesday off, I decided to take today off and have a little "me" time. There are things around the house that I want to do--need to do--but my husband has instructed me to sleep all day. Do nothing but sleep.

I think I am going to try to get a doctor's appointment since I have been sick for over a month now, but I really hate the thought of going to the doctor. Well, here anyway. My doctor moved and now I am stuck with his partner that I can't stand. But I really do need to go, so I'll probably suck it up and go.

Other than that, it's going to be a lazy day. I wanted to go the movies by myself to see Nights in Rodanthe or Lakeview Terrace, but they don't start until 2:00. So there goes that idea. But I should get some much needed sleep today.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's Me Again

I am sorry, Leigh, for I have sinned. It has been three days since my last post.

Okay, so my sister is on my case about my lack of posting. Well, here's the deal--as sad as it may be. This real world working stuff is getting in my way. It's in my way of blogging, it's in my way of laundry, it's in my way of getting enough sleep, and it's in my way of sanity. So I just have to try to squeeze in a post or two when I can. I am still reading my favorite bloggee friends every morning, even if I am not commenting like I was. It's not that I don't want to comment, cuz I do. I just am pushed for time to get up at 5:00 and be at school every morning at 6:00. Yes, folks, I go to work at 6:00 even though I don't have to be there until 7:30. That's when I get my work done--and they have blocked blogging. Sorry bootleg internet service. If I want to use my planning period to blog, then--by golly--I should get to.

On another note, one of my college classes ended last night--thankfully. I enjoyed the people in the class because we only had 7. We went out to eat after class at a place called Wishbone Cafe. This restaurant is wonderful and they fry nothing!!! That's right, peeps. No frying. Grease free. I had sauteed crab claws, a side salad, some jambalaya, and a dessert prepared especially for me because they were out of banana pudding. It was two huge chocolate chip cookies surrounding whipped cream and bananas, topped with whipped cream and some sort of red syrup. Really good.

Well, I am off to educate tomorrow's leaders. Oh gosh, I just scared myself with that thought!!!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's That Time of Year

People come from miles around
From the farms and from the towns
To where excitement can be found
At the Alabama National Fair.

Bro Man went with BD last night to the fair in Montgomery. This left our girls in an uproar that they could not go too. So Mr. Wonderful thought we should take them to the local fair. We did and they had a wonderful time. It was so great to spend time with the kids without the fighting. It was a rare occassion that left me wanting to take them other places. But then we got home. Baby K asked about 8:00 to go to bed. She never wants to go to bed. But she wanted to go in my bed. With me. That was fine, I thought. I'll just lay in bed and watch tv and she'll fall asleep. But no. We ended up wrestling, tickling, playing, laughing until Emmy came to see what the fun was going on. So she joined in on it. Then I found Emmy's and my favorite show on tv: House. The three of us started watching House and that is when the fighting began. "It's my mama." "I don't want "Baby K" to cuddle with you." "That's my pillow." "Emmy's in my spot." (She wasn't by the way.) and on and on and on. By 9:15 we finally decided for them that they must go to sleep.

I am headed to Montgomery today to the Hobster and to pick up Bro Man. I am taking the three kids to the movies this afternoon to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Wish me luck!! Mr. Wonderful won't go because football is on.

Next Friday marks fall break at school. Hallelujah!!