Thursday, October 16, 2008

Trials and Tribulations of childhood

Bro Man has always been extremely sensitive about his hair. He has always been very peculiar about how he wants it cut, exactly how much should be cut, etc. He makes sure before he leaves the house that it laying just so.

He was badly in need of a haircut. I took him to my SIL, the hairdresser, last Friday, but she could not cut it just then. And I am too impatient to wait on my off day for her to become available. I have let the hair go all week. But tonight I could not take it anymore. I have, generally speaking, always cut his hair. He prefers a style similar to a military high-and-tight but a little longer. In a way, I am very peculiar about his hair as well.

Tonight I got out the clippers and started the haircut. All was going well and we were talking and laughing. He asked about the time Mr. Wonderful was cutting his hair with the clippers and the blade came off. As soon as he said this, I looked down and the blade had come off, leaving a big bald spot on the side of his head. And all chaos ensued. It has been tears and drama ever since. Mr. Wonderful is in the process of giving him an official high-and-tight. I can't wait to see it--I've always loved the cleanness of one. I remember being a young teenager and seeing a particular soldier at the compound where my mom and sister worked, and yummy--with his high and tight.

We just pulled up some pictures of some men with high and tights and Bro Man thought they looked pretty tough, so he turned out okay with it. It's not completely done yet, and hopefully he'll let me take a picture when he is finished, but from what I have seen, it will be too cute on the handsome man.


Z's Mom said...

Hey there....I can't wait to see Bro Man's new cut!!!

Heather said...

You'll have to post pictures. I'm sure he'll look great!!

Graham Shenanigans said...

well , first of all you spelled "they're" wrong.
hm? i thought you were a teacher... what the heck heather

and yermom creeps me out! (:

peace out auntie

<3 rachell

Anonymous said...

i typed that whole comment...
so why are you telling meemaw mom said that?

i said that about her.