Monday, November 30, 2009

Time to Simplify

I am so stressed....with school work due at the last minute and the house in shambles around me...I am ready to simplify. My final for this semester is the 15th. After that, folks, it's go time. I am going to become OCD. I have to. I cannot go on in this chaos. Hopefully, when I become OCD, then my children will too. Something has to change.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Busy Little Bee

So things have just been crazy since the last post. My husband has been a totally different man--the man I married! I love that now when we are all together, he puts on Christian Rock music for the kids to listen to instead of Alternative. I love that he now seems to appreciate the importance of family dinners and doing things with the kids. I love that he absolutely is handling everything since my surgery ten days ago. I get to sleep in while he gets the school kids ready to go. He fixes lunches and suppers. He washes the dishes and the clothes. Not necessarily because he wants to, but because I can't do it. He just does it. He knows that 14 weeks of recovery for mom is a long time, so he is adjusting.

The kids are as wild and messy as always. They certainly aren't going to make it easy on him. Or me. They know that I can't jump up and make them do what is asked of them, so they just choose not to do it. Or to do what I say don't do. Very frustrating.

I have an appointment tomorrow to get the stitches out of my foot, and will probably end up in a cast at that point. I sure was hoping for a shower! I hate baths. Just hate them. I took Baby K to Wal-mart today to get a few groceries. Today is the first day off of crutches, so I got adventurous. Of course, I ran into my doctor who doesn't even live in this town. If I had known he was coming this way, I would have asked him to bring his stuff and save me a trip to Montgomery tomorrow. The shopping trip was probably a little too ambitious for this point in the game because I am hurting now.

Just wanted to do a quick update. Halloween was great. Mr. Wonderful took the children trick-or-treating while I stayed home with my foot up. Yesterday at church was on the very few times that someone has laid hands on me while praying, but lo and behold, I don't need my crutches today. I also have made it 1 1/2 days without pain meds. And I know that yesterday was the first time that I have ever laid hands on someone while praying for them, but it was emotional for both of us. There is just something about touching someone while you pray for them that seems so right. I love this focus on intercessory prayer that we are doing right now. It makes the church seem so much more spiritual.

Well, I'm off. Happy November everyone!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Angels are Rejoicing Right Now

That's right, folks. Our household is on fire right now! Sunday is going to be a most wonderful day. My beautiful niece and my wonderful son have been scheduled for several weeks now to go through Believer's Baptism. We have been so excited about this. But today made everything even greater. My husband has decided to also go through with baptism. He has been struggling with this decision for quite a while and feels as if a burden has been lifted. The preacher took him to lunch today where he confirmed that he wished to be obedient to God by following through with Baptism. Now, we all know that Baptism isn't what gets you into Heaven. Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior does, but in Mark 16:16 Jesus says, "Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved." But we do know that baptism is not a requirement for Heaven because Jesus saved the man on the cross right then and there. However, in reading scriptures today regarding just the subject of baptism, I relearned that baptism is symbolic for washing away your sins, being raised to a new life, and becoming more Christ-like. And boy, Satan is going to be throwing fits at us soon. And he knows just where to hit us. Trust me....I know where he hits me. In the same spot he has for the last 12 years. But together, and with the strength of our Lord who lifted us to victory, we will defeat him time and again. Praise be to God for the glorious work He is doing in this family!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Sorry I have been MIA for quite a while. There has been so much going on, some of which I will write about, others that I can't. There are not necessarily too many eyes that see this blog, but a few of the wrong eyes to write about certain things.

My Emmy started school. She was so excited about it, but now hates it. Who hates Kindergarten, you ask. I ask the same question. Well, probably the little girl that gets in trouble for exposing her rear end to the other girls in the bathroom, making them scream and tattle. Or the little girl that is too lazy to walk home and sits on the curb refusing to take another step. Yeah, the little girl that is driving her mother nutso!! But that her mother loves so dearly.

Bro Man had a rough start to 4th grade. He kept forgetting his homework, until I started making him bring home every book every day. A few days of walking with all those books, and suddenly he started remembering what he has to do.

I started back with more graduate classes. One is online, one is two days a week during the day. Now while the class is not a long class, it takes an entire day to drive Baby K to a sitter, drive the hour to school, sit in class for 1 1/2 hours, drive back to the sitter, drive an hour home. I hate being away all day two days a week.

I have also started selling jewelry. I am in the process of starting my little part-time income generator so I am having to book homeshows quite heavily over the next month. Hubby will be so happy when he reaps the rewards of those shows. I'm thinking I might do something nice like put up some money for Christmas (that he doesn't know about) and get him a new acoustic guitar that he feels he needs. He has one, but I would love to splurge on something that he just wants. But mainly the goal is to get some debt paid off so next year Bro Man can go to private school. I have not even discussed this with him, but he hits middle school and I don't know if I am comfortable with him going to the middle school here.

Facebook has taken over my life. There have got to be support groups for it because it is so addicting. I took a three day hiatus from it and it just about killed me to stay off for 3 days. But I get so much more accomplished during the day at home when I decide not to get on the computer.

Well, that just about raps up the night. Good night, blog buddies!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

Today marks the last day of summer vacation with my children. Bro Man starts 4th grade tomorrow and Emmy starts K-5 tomorrow. That leaves me with Baby K, and a little peace and quiet. When asked what she is going to do here with just Mama all day she replied, "Be good." Now, wouldn't that be nice? But while I would love to think that I will have all the time in the world to sew or craft or clean, I am a realist. My husband calls it a pessimist. I'm not negative, just real. The start of school leaves me with only 2 more weeks before I return to the pursuit of a master's degree. Counting this semester, only 7 classes left! Woo-hoo! (Insert booty bump!)

On another note, why do vitamins make me sick to my stomach? I take them with food as instructed, but yet I still get the chills and the dry heaving. I take them because I want to be less tired, but after several days of taking them with this result, I stop.

Sorry about screaming at you the other day. I have a million and one things running through my mind, all of which are frustrating me to no end. I look for things to do that allow me no time to think, but those are few and far between.

I am totally addicted to Facebook. I don't really chat with anyone, no one helps me with my Mafia Wars requests, no one comments on my status, but yet I check it 759 million times a day. Maybe its a bit like blogging...if I comment, they will comment. But I do not need to spend all day on facebook. So I don't know if I want people to start commenting because that might compel me to check it more often.

Okay, so that's it for this totally random post. I'm sure I can think of a million more random things that I could talk about, but I'll stop for now. Peace. Love. Change.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Are any of you like me in that you love change? I don't mean change that dramatically impacts your life, but change within your home? I love to paint. That is one of the easiest transformations that a person can make. But more than paint. Like getting bold and rearranging the furniture. O.M.G., people! Did you realize that there are some people who don't even think of moving furniture as a means of making your house more pleasant? Those people are called MEN. Why are men against change? Unless it is an increase in your income or a drop in your weight, men are against change. No paint. No moving. No rearranging. Why? Because they might have to lay at a slightly different angle to watch baseball. And that, my friends, is unacceptable.

Since we are soon returning to just one income, and I love change, I am trying to do a little remixing instead of decorating. That is, I am trying to be thrifty and use things that I have already bought or things from other parts of my house to give the house a different look. And yes, I moved furniture. But first thing this morning, I moved it back. Why you ask? Because Mr. Wonderful hated it so much that he did not even want to be in the living room. And since he chooses to watch Baseball Tonight every night when I want to sleep, it is better for him to go to the living room. But I took a few pictures of some changes that I have made over the last 24 hours. Keep in mind, nothing drastic. Just beautifying. Fluffing. And when the rooms are finalized, I'll post them. Oh, okay. Stop twisting my arm. I'll post some now. Gosh, you're so pushy! But I'll save some for later.
This is the newly paired down mantle. The before picture was too embarrassing, so we'll just go with an after. The huge mirror was a bargain at $17, and the only thing new is the flower arrangement which is not complete. Everything else was already in my possession.

In the kitchen, to add a little flair beside the free hutch, I added this cast iron (super heavy) fork and spoon. I got this on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $2.49 about 2 months ago. I don't know what took so long for me to finally put it up.
While this picture is a little dark, you should still be able to see the little shelf above the toilet. This has been in my possession for a good four months now. The white fleur-de-lis I bought at hobby lobby last year for $5.00. The candlestick, bird, seagrass box, the small glass jars and fillings I've had for quite some time now. The curtain and shower curtian (not shown) are from the other bathroom because I did something new in there that I did not take pictures of yet. Those will come later. I am putting the finishing touches on the dining room that I have struggled with for so long, and then I will post pictures of that, along with the new lamps in the living room.

So, until next time, Peace. Love. Change.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Thursday, July 23, 2009


OMG, I am bored! I have decided to start selling jewelry and I can't start for another month, but I am anxious and ready to get started. The house is mostly clean, except for the bedrooms and about two loads of laundry, but I don't want to clean anymore. That is all I have done all week. But I love it being clean. But when I clean bedrooms, it is not just picking stuff up out of the floors. That is straightening. When I clean bedrooms, I mean pull everything out of the closets, out from under beds, dusting, cleaning out drawers, getting rid of clothes that don't fit, shoes that I never wear. Each room is at least a day long. So tomorrow, I'll keep the main rooms straightened, and if I can find the motivation, I'll start on my room. I am so ready for my room to be cleaned to my standards of clean. Not just straightened. Right now, I am heading into the craft/sewing room to get lost hopefully in something brilliant.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So Screwed

I have to get organized. I am driving myself crazy!! And I really screwed up the finances this time. I scheduled an online payment for my house before payday. Well, when payday rolled around, I forgot that was scheduled and I paid other bills. Now, if and when that house payment clears, I will be screwed. And I know it is coming. It is what I deserve for my lack of organization. If we can just make it through until next Friday.... I've told Mr. Wonderful who claims that he is not going to worry about it and that there is no point in being mad at me because that won't change anything either. So he says.

I do make a promise to myself and my God that I will be a better steward of money. I have promised myself that before, and I never kept my promise. But this time, I am making the promise to God. From this day forward, I will be a better money tracker, a better bill payer. Not just for my sanity, but for my hardworking husband who is allowing me to stay home again with our last child. Things have to be different. We are going back to one pay check and have to get back in that frame of mind. No more eating out, no more shopping.

With the purchase of our washing machine last week, I have totally embraced the cleaning thing that I have always hated. I love having a clean kitchen, clean dining room, laundry being done, etc. I can't wait to clean. As a matter of fact, I am off of here to do just that.

Monday, July 20, 2009


I have surgery scheduled for the 30th of this month to fix a deviated septum and turbinate reduction. I am totally terrified. I don't know why. I have asked God for peace about the surgery. I have asked others to pray. But still no peace. Only today, I read about the unsuccessful side of this surgery. If any of you have had this surgery, please let me know your experiences with it, whether positive or negative. This will help me decide if I want to go through with the surgery.

Also, please be in prayer for two family members. My nephew, Spencer, has what seems to be staph but maybe just an infection from an ant bite. Doctors have given them conflicting information about what needs to be done. He put a bandaid on it today and the bandaid actually pulled part of the sore off and so it was drained at the doctor, but that is what one doctor said did not need to happen. Please pray that he will have some relief from this and that the procedures that the doctors are doing are successful.

My sister, Brenda, aka Mom on the Go, is also having health issues. She has been for quite a while. But just lately, they have begun looking at MS as a diagnosis. Please pray that this is not the case. While I would love a diagnosis of what is going on with her, I would love for that diagnosis to be something treatable. I also pray that her symptoms do not increase or amplify.

Thanks for your support.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Juices are Flowing

The creative juices are flowing again. It feels so good to be behind the sewing machine again. I have instituted a schedule for the kids for the remainder of the summer which enables me to have time to do what I enjoy. It also gives me specific times to be creative, to be domestic (including cleaning which I hate to do!), but also makes the kids responsible for the messes they make. There are two scheduled pick up times for them. At those times, they must pick up any messes they have made that morning and that afternoon. If they finish with what they dragged out, then they move on to their rooms. But since it can all be overwhelming to kids, I am starting small. I set a timer for 10 minutes for pickup, and then 10 minutes in their rooms cleaning up. Today, they had one task--to put away toys. Tomorrow their one task is to put away clothes and shoes. While they are doing their pickup, I have time to get lunch fixed. It is working out much better for me than them. I love knowing I only have to clean for a specified amount of time before I am on to something better.

One of the creations from this week may just be the most unnecessary makeover ever--my mailbox. But it was so drab and dreary, I decided to give it a facelift. I hit it with a shot of black spray paint and some adhesive vinyl and voila. I love the way it turned out.
I have been sewing baby shower gifts, but wanted them to be something personal. I am so tired of the pinks and whites of store bought gifts. Yes, they are beautiful. But I wanted something with some zing. So, I stepped behind the sewing machine. It's been months since I have sewn, and I love the sense of accomplishment that I feel every time I complete something. These are the shower gifts I completed today.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Weird Vacation Apology

Vacations are relaxing, refreshing, an escape from reality. That is, unless you take my children. My sister, Leigh, and I took her two teenagers, "my" teenager, and my three little ones on vacation. In trying to conserve money, I chose to stay somewhere off the beach, somewhere that Google Maps told me was only a 25 minute drive from the beach. Well, that turned out to be a lie. It was closer to an hour. But we arrived on Wednesday afternoon and did a little shopping. Like the idiot that I was, I took my children in the bookstore. NEVER. AGAIN. We checked in around 4:00, all of us not in the greatest of moods. I took my 3 to see Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs, at which time Baby K started whining to go home. Said whining lasted the rest of the trip. Thursday the plan was to get up and go to the beach after breakfast. We did not even start towards the beach until around 10:30, had to stop at Wally World, and did not arrive at the beach until around 12:30. It was upon arriving at the beach that I realized that I hate the beach. Okay, I do not hate the beach all the time, but I hated taking 3 crabby kids to the beach. The teenagers got hungry and I was bored out of my mind by 3:00, so we packed up and headed back. Those three hours were the only three that we spent at the beach. Friday we went outlet shopping at Foley.

I do want to apologize to Leigh. I do not think you had a good time, and for that I apologize greatly. It was not my intention to go down there and only spend a few hours at the beach, because I know that you love it. And if it is possible, I think you enjoyed my children even less than I did. Not because we don't love them, but because they are horrible. They are brats. And I really am sorry. Next time there will be better research done for hotels, and ours will have a pool. It will be no where near a city that drives me crazy. And it will be less a few children. I really am sorry.

But it sure does feel good to be home. We did not even eat out this morning. Just picked up some food and ate on the way home. We were home by 10:15. So relaxing? No. Refreshing? No. Escape from reality? Nope. A heaping dose of it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

VBS Humor

VBS humor: Monday's story was about Andrew introducing Simon to Jesus and Jesus giving him the name Peter. Yesterday morning I was trying to get my preschoolers to recall Monday's story. I asked, "Who met Jesus and who did Jesus give a new name?" You could see the concentration as they all tried to recall the story. Then sweet Owen pipes in and says something very quietly. "What Owen?" He said, "Peter Piper."

Gotta love those preschoolers.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So, this week is Vacation Bible School. But, for some reason, after only 1 day, I am already exhausted. I cannot figure it out. Is it just having to leave the house that exhausts me? I don't get up any earlier. We get home at lunch time. I just cannot figure it out.

I am teaching the pre-school group, including Baby K, which makes things tough. When Mama is around, she does not want to participate in anything and just wants to sit in my lap or be held. Now, I love that she wants to be in my lap or be held. Love it. But it is impossible to try to teach and lead 6 more children while I have a 35-pound leech attached to me. But I love my Baby K. I love the hugs and kisses, and her random "I love you, Mama" that she says at just the right time.

So we will keep on pushing on through this week, looking forward to the Blueberry Festival in Brewton this weekend, and vacay in two weeks. Leigh and her crew are accompanying us. I wanted to stay several days so we could not stay right on the beach, but we will be staying about 25 minutes away. As long as the place has a pool, the kids and teenagers will be set. We may only go to the beach 1 day out of the 4. But that is okay, too. A couple of hours on the beach and we'll all be burnt to the point of misery. It's as if sunblock does not even matter (but it will be used!).

Hope you all have a wonderfully blessed day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Prayers Needed

I have so much going on in my mind right now, and I really could use your prayers. It is nothing that I can talk about, just an issue I need to let go of. All of your prayers for strength, determination, and healing would be appreciated.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh Lucky Day!

Remember when I told y'all about losing the diamond from my wedding ring? Well, the home owners' insurance will cover it up to $1500....minus the $1000 deductible. But yesterday, Leigh called me to say she found the diamond!!!! Can you believe that? It was in her dining room floor, despite a week and a half's worth of sweeping!! Mr. Wonderful told me to drive to Georgia and buy some lottery tickets because yesterday was my lucky day! So, I am patiently awaiting the reunion with my wedding diamond and I am sure the insurance company will be glad not to pay for it.

I am almost ready to show you the dining room. A few more touches are being waited on......but it's coming together so well. I love my red dining room again!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Glory be to God! I have survived the longest school year ever! Only 1/2 a day with students today, and wrapping up tomorrow. This is bittersweet. I will love some of these students forever.

I do not know whether it is the excitement of today, but I just could not sleep this morning. But, oh, the creative juices have been flowing. The dining room is shaping up in my mind. From window mistreatments to wall art, to paint and table decorations, it is all there. And to think that all of the ideas were stimulated by 1 piece of furniture added to my house. I am so excited that I needed to get up and write down some ideas before I forgot what came to me in my subconscious state. I can't wait to get it all together!! And I really did not want a country style in my house, but this is coming together as a sophisticated country feeling. EX. Cite. Ed! Okay, I need to breathe deeply because it has been a while since I have been this excited.

I got up at 3:00 this morning and read Rhoda at Southern Hospitality. She is having a burlap party and I got some really cute ideas from there as well.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend Finds

Okay, so here are the pics of the great weekend finds. Don't be jealous!! I did not do as well as yard sales as I did at the flea markets, but I'll keep trying.
another great rocker (priceless)
Quilt set for Big Guy's room
Set of 4 black shelves ($10)
Too cute shoes ($1)

skirt suit $4

footed silver tray $7

Gorgeous beaded pineapple.

and last but certainly not least, this lovely piece in my kitchen (free!) from Leigh. I am so in love with this that it is not funny. Miraculously, when this entered my house so did the inspiration for the direction that I want to go with the dining room. I am so stinking excited now!! Drapes are ordered (the same that my sister Brenda has that I have admired for so long now!) Yay for inspiration--even if it is copying!

I Feel Like I Should Pay You

Yesterday we all gathered for my dad's birthday. We were having a lovely time. Leigh brought her girls, along with Kayla's friend and Rachell's boyfriend. I think this is the first time Rachell has brought a boyfriend around the family. He was mostly quiet. But they were sharing a moment together on the swing out front. Dad had already commented that the swing was big enough that the two of them did not need to sit right next to other. Well, I talked Wesley into going to sit beside them. Right as Wesley sat, the swing began to tip backwards. It did not fall in a normal speed, though; it was more of a slow motion fall. It just laid over on the ground. Everyone was laughing, but Rachell still had a "kill me now" look on her face. I laughed so hard at them that I told Wesley I feel like I should pay him. Ahhh....good times. Okay, the telling of this story is not nearly as funny as the actual event. Oh I wish you could have seen it!! I wish my camera had been close by.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Busy Weekend

Whew! What a whirlwind weekend it is. Yesterday, my bestie/sister Leigh and I went yardsaling and flea marketing. It was great fun and I'll post some pics of my finds later. I did not get home (she lives an hour away) until 3:00 and then had to turn around and go about 20 minutes further than her house to another sister's house for game night.

But something horrible happened yesterday. We were on the way to Jan's when I looked down and realized the diamond is missing out of my wedding ring. Talk about tears shed!!! And they came quite suddenly and sporadically throughout the night. I have no idea where it is.

Today is church this morning, followed by cake and ice cream for my dad's birthday! The big 6-3!

Tomorrow will have to be laundry day and cleaning day, all the while trying to convince Mr. Wonderful to throw some burgers on the grill.

Hope you all have a memorable Memorial Day weekend!

(Saturday's finds to come later!)

PS: 4 more days of school!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

10 more days

That's right, folks. 10 more days until I am back. Until I return to the life of normalcy, where I am able to blog and leave people comments. You see, 10 days and counting, until year 1 of teaching is over and I am back to being Mama. Hallelujah!!

Hope both of you readers are still out there somewhere!! Please check back in a few days for something that I am sure will be neither funny or interesting, but it will be new. It may just be a simple decision of whether we decide to keep a kitten and Sophie, or just a kitten, or just Sophie. I keep hoping to snap a few pics of Jack with the kittens. They are soooo adorable together until he starts getting playful.

Am I sad to see school go? Sort of. I will miss some of my babies, the ones that call me Mother Bowen and give me hugs every day. The ones that make me smile no matter what. But good riddance to the ones that make me want to papercut my jugular.

Have I mentioned only 10 more days??

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sign of the Times

I was watching icarly with the kids a little while ago (woo hoo for mother's day fun!). Sam was showing Freddie and Carly some gross video, which it did not show. Baby K was sitting in my lap.

Emmy: What did they see?

Baby K: prolly some bad words or boys kissing or someding.

OMG! How does she even know about boys kissing? Do our kids just grow up knowing these things? They don't watch shows that have kissing in them at all. I mean, it's Dora and Diego over and over!! Or Barbie or Thumbelina. or Sponge Bob.

Just another random question. Why does my husband refuse to acknowledge Mother's Day? Every year it comes and goes and he does not acknowledge it with so much as a word. He did before we were married and had children together. He does for his mother. It's just so frustrating?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Project: Bench

This is a rocking bench that I found at the flea market. I paid $30 for it, which is more than I wanted to pay, but you have to know how I love to rock.

I took this:

and after a little sanding, priming, and painting, it looks like this:

I am desperately trying to get my house in order and decorated to my satisfaction. The only major issue that I am having, you know, besides money, is the dining room. Still cannot come up with what I want to do in there. It may just have to wait until I can get a new dining table and chairs. I've got my eyes and ears open for the right one, and I'll know it when I see it. I just don't want to open the wallet too far. I think I just need to start yardsaling, looking for the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Well, spring break is over and we are off to work and school again today. Today will probably be one of the worst days of the year. One of my students was killed last Tuesday night in a car wreck, and I can imagine this is going to be especially hard today.

Thanks for being patient with me, as I excitedly wait for the end of this school year and semester at AUM. After May 5, much pressure will be relieved.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Opening day today. This is the first year in with real pitching. We are feeling a little nervous, but have fantastic results to report. The first game started slowly, but we finished strong with a 10-1 victory. We had a four-run fourth and a five-run sixth. Bro Man performed very well. He reached on a walk, sacrifice RBI, and thrown out in his third at bat. He was solid in the field, not missing any plays. The rest of the team--well, everyone struck out at least once. We have alot of potential, but need some more coaching up. We haven't had many practices due to rain (I think only 2 practices), so with time we will gel. Just like we always do.

Go White Sox!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Under the Weather

This has been an unpleasant weekend. The indestructible Mr. Wonderful has been sick. WELL, let me back up. For about 3 weeks now, I have been getting dizzy at night when I eat or right after. I don't know what is going on and it passes after about 5 minutes. I would assume blood sugar since eating seems to trigger it. Friday night we went to eat at a friend's restaurant. I got so dizzy before we left there that I ended up falling twice and literally could not stand by myself. When I woke up yesterday morning, the dizziness was gone but I was left all weekend with this very weird feeling. Mr. Wonderful woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat and 101.3 fever. He has not slept since Thursday night. He has been feverless today until about 7:30. It was on its way back up so I banished him to bed for the night. He is forbidden from getting back up.

On a positive note, I made curtains for my niece's room and they turned out beautifully. I can't wait for them to get her new bed put together tonight, so I can take some pictures. It's going to be fantabulous!

Another sweet sister, Brenda, had a birthday party thrown for her this weekend by her very sweet boyfriend. It was such a wonderful and sweet gesture. She needs to be pampered and made to feel special, and I feel like he does that. I had such a good time visiting with friends and family. All 3 kids had spent the night at Mom and Dad's Friday night, and Bro Man came home with me Saturday night. The girls stayed and had another sleepover. The big guy and I went to Prattville this morning to pick up a few things that we can't find here in G'ville.

Nothing too exciting...just need prayers for Mr. Wonderful. He NEVER gets sick!!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Okay, I've been bitten by Edward. That's right, folks. I fell into the Twilight series on Tuesday and have finished the first two books. I started the third last night, but my eyes were completely too exhausted to continue reading it last night.

I found myself feeling guilty for wanting her to choose Jacob. I loved Jacob. But why, oh why, Stephanie Meyer, did you have to do that to him? That's what made me not so crazy about the second book. I don't want to say too much, because I am going to force Leigh to read them. And after reading the description of Edward, I am a little disappointed by the character chosen for the movie, which I plan to see asap.

But, anyhoo, I will get about 4 hours reading time this morning thanks to graduation exam. After that, I'll see if I can't get away with about 3 more during classes. All of my groups have been testing this week, so I don't find it fair to give them classwork to do.

Toodles! I am off to get ready to read. I mean, work.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You've Got to be Kidding Me!

I got home late last night, and turned on the television just in time to see Molly and Jason. Are you kidding me? And he claims Deana broke his heart? Did he truly dump Melissa on television? Now, don't get me wrong...he and Molly are cute together. But I am with her....that was all too surreal. Like she was so excited when he walked out...too excited for someone who was heartbroken. I like to cringe when I see someone who broke my heart...okay, really, my heart has only truly been broken one time (I thought it was more than that. ahhh...hindsight) and I have never seen him since. Well, I think he and Molly will be good together. I think he was just mesmerized by her eyes. She does have beautiful eyes.

And I cannot comment on the rest of it because I did not get to see it. I will have to watch it online to see Melissa's reaction to being dumped. I thought for a minute Molly would say no. Would have served him right.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Holy snowflakes, Batman!

Coming to you from Alabama, where we had snow today. Not much, but considering we are in SOUTH Alabama, any snow is good for us. We were woken up by the pooch this morning only to find it snowing. We woke all the kids up, bundled up, and made the most pitiful snowman you northerners have ever seen. It was about 6 inches tall, but cute. It stopped snowing about mid-morning, so the girls and I went out to church. When church ended, it was snowing again. We came home and got warm and cozy in front of the fireplace. Baby K even fell asleep there. It was so amazing--considering it was 70 degrees yesterday and we wore shorts!

I finished my mid-term essays this afternoon. Doing mediocre work never felt so good. That is one thing off of the totally-stressing-me-out list. After Tuesday, three more things will be marked off. And a big one to check off, teaching. That's right, folks. The official decision was made Friday night when my husband went on a rampage claiming that he was calling the principal and telling him I was not coming back on Monday. I have been extremely stressed out and no where close to even being a good wife or mother, or student or teacher. My relationship with my husband has been suffering because what little energy I have left has been exhausted on the never-ending list of "I wants" the kids have or the never-ending piles of chores. I want nothing more than to sleep.

There are 57 more instructional days left of school. But I am taking this in small little baby steps. Kinda like weight loss. I am setting small goals and setting off to meet those. My first small goal is to get to March 16, which is an off day. Second step, make it to April 13 which is spring break. After that, we're in the homestretch. May 25-holiday. May 28--adios, kiddos. May 29-Adios, GHS! May 30-Bueno, sanity! Summer, sweet sweet summer. No waking kids up early to get ready for school. Maybe a little exercise time in the mornings before Mr. Wonderful goes off to work.

Okay, so now I am rambling in my daydreaming. Please pray for us that this is the right decision. Emmy starts Kindy this year. Baby K has two more years at home, and I truly feel like God is telling me that I need to be there. Maybe by answering my prayers about a teaching job, he was showing me that it was not the right time for my family. Maybe teaching is where God wants me to be, just not now. I just don't know how teachers are doing it. I totally cannot handle the constant disrespect. It makes me want to be so much tougher on my children, so hopefully they will not turn out that way.

Well, goodnight all. Sweet, snow-filled dreams to everyone.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wii are pitiful

So we got a Wii this morning. Big Guy has been playing all morning, and making it look easy I might add. Mr. Wonderful decided to partake in the boxing. Needless to say, he definitely broke a sweat. So me and fat self decided it would be my turn. 30 minutes later and I was still struggling for breath suffering from chest pain. Is there any warning on the box that says to consult a physician before beginning this rigorous training? It took a game to show us how "wiilly" pitiful we are. But I so am digging tennis. And I suck at that too. It almost made me consider going to the real tennis courts today. But its cold. Maybe I'll do it anyway. That should definitely help the sickness.

Let me know your wii adventures.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I love you

Ever make a comment that is truly just innocent, but it makes your spouse realize exactly why they love you. Well, that happened this weekend. The kids were gone and I am with laryngitis. Mr. Wonderful was in absolute heaven. And then on top of it all, I announced that I really did not want to celebrate Valentine's Day. What? That's right...I don't want to exchange things for Valentine's. The response to that was a big grin and an "I love you." See, I am every man's dream girl.

Okay, well, I am off to bed to suffer through another headache after a LONG day of teaching without a voice. Thank goodness for my trusty ol' yardstick and a desk! That's one way to get a class' attention. And thank goodness for early release days (tomorrow!). And a three day weekend.

Brenda, when you read this, we need an update on your health. Mom said you were having testing done.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cracking Up

That Baby K (3) says some funny stuff. I mean, she keeps us laughing. Well this morning, she came out with another one. Granted it was probably funnier to us than it will be to you, but funny nonetheless.

Obama was on television. Emmy proudly announces that Bro Man does not like the president. I just shrugged it off. As Mr. Wonderful enters the room, Emmy makes the announcement one more time. Only this time, Baby K adds, "Yeah. He only likes the Bushes." How does she even know there is more than one Bush? Mr. Wonderful began talking politics with her, in between laughs, and she responded every time with, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever." Too funny.

Well, the wizard suggested that I stay home for the week to get a much needed break. He is beginning to wonder if my laryngitis is triggered by stress. Either way, he wanted me to rest without trying to be a teacher. I obviously cannot stay home for the entire week, so I will be going back tomorrow, apparently without a voice. I will just have to wing it until my voice returns. I sure do hope this does not become permanent. I am considering learning sign language and forcing all of my family and friends to do the same, so that we may communicate more easily when I am resigned to a whisper. I think the voice issue just solidifies the decision not to go back next year. There has to be some sort of solution. Can I get disability for my voice keeping me from doing my job?

Friday night Bro Man is going to the Valentine's dance AGAIN with the same girl for the fourth year. They claim to be just friends this year, though. At 9, that is all they need to worry about being. Of course, both of their mom's will be there, then they are going to a cookout at her church. I love their family so much. But they need prayers. Kim (the mom) is a nurse. She has been out of work since last summer. There seems to be no doctors hiring in Greenville. They are living off of savings, but that is starting to dwindle. I may do a little research myself to see if I can find her somewhere--maybe not local, but nearby. Surely someone needs a registered nurse.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm off to see the wizard

Okay, well, not really a wizard. More of a doctor. But let's hope he has some wizardry skills up his sleeve. I have had a severe case of laryngitis for 5 days now, even resting my voice. My senior year in high school I went 9 months without a voice. Can this be considered a disability for a teacher? Obviously classroom management and teaching are out of the question for someone who has no voice. I actually think that they behave better when I have no voice, for some reason. I can't teach, so they are required to do more work while I walk around monitoring. Maybe when my voice comes back, I will just continue whispering, if it helps them to work better and behave better.

I know that I have been absent for a few weeks on the writing end of things. I have still been reading, but am too physically exhausted from teaching, college, and mothering to form sentences. I have already missed one night of school, but there is absolutely no way that I can go tonight to sit in class until 9:00 when I feel like crap. Let me explain how I feel. You know on You've Got Mail, how sick Meg Ryan is when Tom Hanks comes to visit. She just feels like lying down, covered up, blowing her nose. I watched that movie the other day and thought to myself (I didn't even say it out loud) that people on movies and tv have far worse colds than the average everyday person. But I feel like Meg Ryan. Feel. Not look. Trust me, I don't look like that when I feel good, let alone when I am sick.

Mr. Wonderful has been a trooper this last few days. He knows how frustrating it is for me to try to say something occassionally and someone not hear me. So he tries to read my lips so he won't have to ask me to repeat myself. He even called substitutes for me this morning and made me a doctor's appointment. All this after I reminded him that he said he would love me in sickness and in health. Ahh...what a good man! He was even late to work this morning so he could try to get me into the doctor.

Prayer requests: My friend and fellow teacher, Shawnda, has to have spine surgery next Monday. It is a very intense surgery where they will actually remove four discs and replace them with cadaver discs. Please pray for her as she has never had surgery and she has a four yo little girl. Please pray for God's healing, for a speedy, uneventful surgery and recovery. For peace of mind for her whole family, most especially her child.

Praises: One of my students told me last week that he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. It has been breaking my heart. He informed me Thursday after many, many prayers that he DOES NOT have a tumor. God is a miracle worker!!

Hope all of your lives have been as blessed as mine and those around me. Have an inspiring week.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Groundhog Day

Anybody remember that movie? Bill Murray is trapped in a single day which he relives over and over? He wakes up at the same time and to the same song. He goes through the same events over and over again. It is sheer hell to him. WELL, I am experiencing Groundhog Day myself. I wake up every. single. morning at 4:38. I follow the exact same morning routine, repeat the exact same activities for the day, and end the day in tears. I am living my own hell. The only difference is that I never know what my students have up their sleeves for that day. I dread waking up in the mornings.

Mr. Wonderful and I had the discussion last night about my future as a teacher. He told me that he was tired of seeing me a blubbering, crying mess who snaps at my children needlessly. He is tired of me being so mentally exhausted that I really have no energy to want to do anything or go anywhere. I told him that I did not know what the answer is, but I think I know must consider what it is. We must get rid of debt. Baby K has two more years at home before she starts school, so my plan right now is to TRY to finish the school year, and consider what my next career plan will be. Maybe this will give me enough time to be still and listen to what God has planned for me. I am not turning in my notice right now; I am going to be still and listen to God. Life has become very overwhelming. I no longer feel like I am strong enough to deal with any of it. The smallest things are setting me into a tear-filled frenzy. Any suggestions?

(When re-reading this, I thought that I sound suicidal--but trust me, I am not!)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

good news

I talked to the sheriff the other night and it turns out that they had already arrested one of the suspects from the earlier post. He confessed it all and gave up the other three. It will at least be some relief to these kids and their families that the assailants will at least be in jail.

I am really struggling with teaching. Please pray for me. It is really taking its toll on me in every aspect of my life.

Monday, January 19, 2009

What is FEAR to you?

What is fear to you? I get scared very easily, but I am not sure that is "fear." Is it fear when you answer the phone to hear one of your daughters say, "Mom, help us!" followed by gun shots and then complete silence. You bet that's fear. Is it fear when four teenagers are forced into a collision by four gun-wielding strangers who shoot your car? Is it fear when you try to get away but back into a ditch and hit a tree? You bet that it is fear. Is it fear when the two boys take off running and leave the two girls with the assailants? Is it fear when you finally think it's over only to find out that the strangers' vehicle won't start and they come back after you? Unimaginable fear. I really don't know who experienced more fear that night: the teenage girl who was pulled from the car with a gun placed against her head while she waited on her friend to get the car out of the ditch of the friend who knew that her friend's life depended on her getting that stuck car out of the ditch. Or the innocent good samaritan who stopped and tried to help only to find himself the victim of an attempted murder when a bullet whizzed through the windshield of his truck missing him by only inches. Or the parents who must have felt that an eternity had passed before they found out their children were safe. Or the parents of the second boy who could not be found for two hours, the boy whose blood they were looking for because they thought he had been shot, who had run so hard and so far that he collapsed and tracking dogs were used to find him.

This is a true story. It happened Friday night in the small town about 12 miles from here where we used to live. On the end of the road that it happened, houses are few and far between. These teens were followed from a nearby gas station and robbed, and eventually car jacked. It was several more miles before the girls could find someone to let them use the phone to call their parents. It turned out that the boys ran to get help. But I think maybe they ran because they thought the girls would follow. Or maybe they ran as part of God's plan. I know you are thinking that none of this could have been God's plan. But I think if those boys had stayed around, it could have gotten even more violent and one of them may not be alive now. One of the boys has suffered a major head injury which was aggravated recently by a fight at school. He has only been out of the hospital a few months now. I know three of the four teens involved and their parents. This is more than fear--it is a nightmare. It turns out that the truck which the assailants left behind was reported stolen shortly afterward and they found the carjacked vehicle later abandoned. So it looks like these strangers will get away with their crime.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Baby Boy

Oh, Sweet Baby Boy! The day has arrived marking yet another celebration of your birth. Today you are nine. All of my life I have contemplated ways that I possibly could keep you a baby, then a toddler, than a young child, now a big boy. I realized that I cannot stop you from growing up; I just have to show you the way to becoming a young man. Thank goodness we have Daddy to show you how to be a great husband and father.

Every day of my life I will remember you being a tiny little baby who peed on his father as soon as he was born. A beautiful reminder that life is good, that God is good (not peeing on your father, you). You were a true blessing straight from Heaven. You still are. I am so glad that God picked me to be your mother. I am so proud of the boy you are, and know that I will be of the young man yet to come. You are such a joy to me. I am so glad we got to spend the day together Thursday. I had so much fun just being silly with you, playing the hand slap game, eating good shrimp and fried pickles, but most importantly good company and laughter. You have no idea how much it means to me that every time we spend the day together you say, "This is the best day of my life." Oh, how I love you!

Here is a pic of how I will always remember you when I call you my baby boy, even if you are 80.
I'll never forget how you loved to walk around the house with only one sock on with a bowl on your head. Or how you used to fall asleep in your high chair eating. How you used to come crawling as fast as you could when you heard the MASH theme song. How you used to come crawling as fast as you could when you heard a cheese wrapper being opened. How you used to sing Chinney Kessey, George Strait, and Toby Keith like there was no tomorrow. You would perform anywhere, anytime. When you got tired, you would crawl into your room and wait at the crib until we saw you and put you to bed.

I love you, mama's baby boy!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fight to the End

I went to the movies last night with Sister Lorri. The movie was great. We watched Bride Wars, thanks to the trailer I watched on Stretch Marks. The fighting was hilarious all the way to the end. Great chick flick!!! Check it out!

After a horrible day at school yesterday, the school had the nerve to give me an intent form. If these have been around and you teachers know what I am talking about, then you are chuckling to yourselves. It is a form that indicates what my plans are for next school year. This comes after they told us Tuesday that our class sizes would be going up to around 45. You heard me right...45! If you think I can't get any teaching done with 33 in a class, just imagine 12 more. I did not fill the form out yesterday, because we all know what I would have marked--resign!

I am not sure that I can do this again next year. I am thinking more elementary.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's Like Coming Home

Several things that I want to talk about. The first of which is I went to a jewelry party yesterday at sister Jan's house. And I must say, her house is spectacular. It was always nice, but since deciding to sell it and move to the lake, they have redone everything. They have new flooring including tiles and carpet, all new cabinetry throughout, granite countertops throughout, an amazing tile backsplash, paint throughout, new moldings's awesome.

Second thing (sorry Leigh), when sister Leigh got ready to leave in the middle of a storm, she backed into my van. Nothing too serious, just folded the hood a little, swapped a little paint, and gouged the bumper. Insurance man called and will send an adjuster to look at the van in the next few days. They will also provide me with a rental while mine is being repaired.

Third: I go back to work tomorrow. I am seriously dreading it. I will make it through the next five months. Depending on the financial situation come summer, I may not do it again. I am going to try selling a boutique brand of children's clothing for some extra income. If that goes well, I will try to do that to bring in some income if I do not teach next year.

But lastly, and most importantly, we went back to our old church today for the first time in several years. We had moved on to a church in our city, but just found that it wasn't really home. Over the last several years of "going" to that church, we have not gone more than we have gone. It is a big enough church where we are nobodies. There are very few people there who recognize me or speak to me. Not that that is a reason to go to a church. But a church home is one where you feel welcome and wanted; where the preacher is accessible. In the two+ years of this church, I never even seen the preacher other than on the pulpit preaching. But being back in our old church, it felt soooo goood. It felt like going home. Like our long lost family, and other than our children getting older, we had not changed and they had not changed. Well, they changed the starting time of church so we got there twenty-five minutes late and NO ONE CARED!! Even Keith said that it felt right being back there. So hopefully, this will be the beginning of a better relationship with God, in a familiar place. I had forgotten how real Eric's sermons are-how he uses real life examples of his mistakes and his family's to drive a point across. I think often times we fault preachers for making mistakes just like us. We put them on some sort of pedestal. In fact, they are human just like we are.

We have an interesting start to 2009--can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for us. Praise God for bringing us "home." Now I just need to be still and listen to what God is telling me I need to do about being at home or working. Baby K has two more years until she starts school, and I would love to be home with her and be able to be the mom who goes on field trips and helps with class parties.