Sunday, August 31, 2008


All of the kids stayed home from school Friday with Daddy. Coach Nick came and laid the new carpet, but didn't do it in the hallway. I was very disappointed to still have green carpet in the house, but the living room looks awesome. Mr. Wonderful told me that the hardwoods underneath the carpet in the living room were in great condition. So Friday afternoon and night, I pulled up the hallway carpet, pad, tack strips, staples, etc. It looks so awesome, though. The living room looks so much bigger now. We got rid of the huge light wood entertainment center and got a highboy entertainment center that is considerably smaller, but matches so well. I will post pics soon.

I found a super large mirror on clearance the other day for $25. It is a shabby chic kind of off white, so it will either adorn the wall in my bedroom or in the hallway. (I vote for the hallway.) With the way it would be positioned in the hallway, we can lay in our bed and see Baby K laying in hers.

A very sweet thing transpired Friday while I was working. The girls were laying in our bed watching a movie when Emily came out with a shocked, tear-filled look. Bless her heart. She had watched Baby K fall asleep and thought that she had died right there before her. Baby K falls asleep so fast. Emily was traumatized by her baby sister's apparent death. That brought tears to my eyes.

Oh, I had the most wonderful day with Baby K. We just have not had much time together since I started working. Yesterday, the girls and I spent the day together ( a very unpleasant one) despite it being my anniversary. Today, the whole family spent the day together. Baby K and I went our way and Mr. Wonderful took Emmy and Bro Man with him. Baby K and I laughed more today than we have in the last month. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. She is soooo funny.

We spent a small fortune at Wally World today. It was unintentional, but we did it. Ryan picked an off-brand Wii type game that was clearly marked $29.98 on the shelf. Mr. Wonderful let the girls pick a $25 slip 'n slide. He got a gas grill (hurricane possibility). We got an invisible fence system to keep Jack-bo in the yard. We got a few groceries and some batteries. Mr. W paid for their three things while I got the few groceries. Then Baby K and I paid for the other stuff. Ours totaled $235 dollars. He told me that his totaled $254, which is more than $60 of an overcharge. I looked at his receipt and Bro Man's game system was $80--needless to say, it and the slip 'n slide went back. $114 for those two things. Still spent too much money, but the grill is something that we use religiously and the invisible fence is for the safety of Jack and the neighborhood. (He bit a hole in Mr. W's brother's shorts yesterday). But in Jack's defense, he views baseball caps as threatening. Once Kyle took his hat off, Jack stopped attacking him. I think he is just defending his family, but Mom thinks he is dangerous. He gets after people all the time, but as long as they stand their ground he backs down. If they run, it is on like a chicken bone.

Just curious if anyone has used the PediPaws pet filing thingee that I have seen advertised on tv. Please let me know if this works before my dog punctures an artery and I bleed to death. His claws are so sharp right now.

Well, enough for tonight. I am going to be a better steward of time--and make more time for my family. Hopefully, I can go back to blogging and commenting soon. Just have to get adjusted to this whole new schedule.


Lula! said...

OK, not that this is the most important thing about your post (the Baby K falling asleep story was precious!), but I JUST heard about those Pedi Paws thingamajigs this morning. And I was wondering, "How lame would it be to ask if anyone's used that, and if it works?" So I'm glad you beat me to it. Let me know if you find anything out, please!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Stranger...SOOOO good to hear from you! You're girls are so sweet....especially after the story you just told...there's no way I would beat them to keep them away from Z. ;)

I can't wait to see pictures of what you've done to the house. You've been sooo busy with everything lately....take care of yourself.

I love's on like a chicken bone!!!

Graham Shenanigans said...

Hey, would you please post SOMETHING? ANYTHING? Rita and I are going to the consignment sale in the morning here in Pville. Also yardsaling.

Call me when you read this please.
Talk to you soon.

Our Family Vacations said...

I love everything "shabby chic". I just got a GREAT little wall-hanging for, get this, my tiny little powder room. Isn't amazing what a large piece can do for a small room?

Anonymous said...

Hey glad you popped in today! I know you are alive! Yaaay!!! Hopefully things are settling down at school for you...and family life is great!!! :)