Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting My Way

I am going to tell you the truth. My husband is not one of those husbands who gives in when I get mad. And I really don't get mad often. But yesterday was one of those days. We made plans two months ago for six friends to accompany us to the Def Leppard/Joan Jett concert this Saturday. My husband tells me and several of the friends that he wants to go early and tailgate in the parking lot before the concert. This will help in two ways. 1)We always--ALWAYS--get stuck in traffic with the thousands of people who attend concerts. 2)The guys can drink their own beer and not have to pay $5 for one every time they want a drink. 3)(Well, I thought of a third.) We won't have to park 5 miles away.

Early to me means getting up there in the afternoon where we have time to sit around and chill out, all the while watching the losers who arrive close to time. Early to me means arriving at least 3 hours before concert time of 7:30.

My husband tells me the other day that he thinks we should leave around 3:00. Okay, lets do some math. The concert is 2 hours away. If we choose to stop and eat or do whatever, we will be cutting into my ideal tailgating time. I suggested two o'clock and told him why. He called me yesterday to tell me that he arranged with Jason (one of the guys going) that we are meeting them one exit away at 4:00. Um, what? Did you say 4:00? So, as loudly as I possibly can, I yell "NO!" into the phone.

K: What? Why?

Me: Well, because we are going to get stuck in traffic and that is not going to give us enough time to tailgate before the concert.

K: We're not going to get stuck in traffic 1 1/2 hours before the concert.

Me: Yes, we are. Trust me on this. We may not, but what if we do?????? Then you will have bought beer for nothing, because you can't take it in there with us. And that isn't even going to give me time to pee before the show starts.

K: Well, I guess you should have called Jason and made plans then, right?

Me: Apparently. But I shouldn't have to. I told my husband the plan last night.

K and Me: (Silence.)

I called my SIL who is going with Hubby's twin brother. She says early to her means 2:00. I told her Hubby wants to leave at 4:00, and she agrees that is assinine. I inform Hubby when he gets home, and believe it or not--he called him and changed the time. I was absolutely floored. I guess I made sense after all. Either that or he got tired of hearing me express my thoughts and feelings. It doesn't matter the reason. I.Like.Getting.My.Way.


Candid Carrie said...

I love to people watch. It is sometimes better than the actual event, not always, but sometimes. And if the government knew how much fun people watching is, well let us just say there would be tax on it! Have fun ;)

Ali Blogger said...

POINT FOR THE WOMEN! WOOHOO! Men can be such non-thinkers!

Anonymous said...

That is just too funny!

You are a lady after my own heart!