Friday, July 11, 2008

Update on Baby K

We did, in fact, have to take K back to the doctor today. The infection was spreading further toward her girly parts and it was about twice as deep this morning. The surgeon looked at it and said it wasn't that bad. But when she actually traumatized my child while slicing it open before she was numb, she said there was much more infection than she expected. She packed it with gauze strip to be removed by me tomorrow. K goes for a recheck on Monday afternoon.

I advised my niece when we got home that she should never have any children. Why? Because the pain from seeing one of your children in pain is unbearable. The tears I cried today because I could not stop her pain, because she blamed me for her pain because I was the one holding her down. Moms are supposed to be a comfort to their children, and here K was thinking that her Mama was doing this to her. Oh, the way she screamed!! And there was nothing I could do but hug her and tell her that I love her, not very convincing that everything was going to be okay with tears streaming down my face. On the other hand, I should tell her to have a child (one day--like 15 years from now) so that she can experience this deep of a love. Sometimes I forget to enjoy my children and sometimes I feel burdened by their constant need. But it is days like today that makes me remember how much I do love my children and why I miss them when they are not with me.

Thanks for your prayers. She is not quite out of the woods. There is still a chance of further infection and complications. Please just pray that we can get those antibiotics in her instead of sitting on the counter (she won't take them) and that God's healing powers will work on this baby who has already suffered through so much pain.


Rhea said...

Oh goodness. What kind of infection is it? Sounds awful. I hope she's out of the woods soon.

I KWYM about feeling bad about holding down the screaming child in the doctor's office. I always felt bad doing it also but my kids haven't held it against me so far. hehe

Anonymous said...

Awww....I'm so sorry you both had to go through that!!!

Are they the liquid antibiotics? To get Z to take his medicine, I had to buy those little plastic cups (the kind that come with liquid cold medicine, like a little shot glass). He has to do everything himself, so this way, he can give the medicine to himself rather than me putting it in a spoon and spilling it everywhere. Those medicine spoons work okay too...but he likes the little cups better.

Man, to get her outta the woods though I'd probably hold her down again and pour it down her throat if I had to....last resort of course!

The Mom said...

Oh poor thing. I have a friend who's son dealt with this. Many prayers to you and baby K!!