Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Calling all Decorating Goddesses

I am having some issues with my house. My dining room is red. I love it. Probably will never paint it. The reason for this is that it is a color that my husband would have never let me paint, but it was painted that color when we moved here. It is the only room in the house that I have never thought about painting. Well, I actually thought about black one time, but my husband would die.
It is a very large dining room. It is so large that we have a table, five chairs, a buffet, a couch (yes, a couch), two small tables, and it still looks empty. Get my drift? Big. There is only one decorative display in there, and even that I am not thrilled with. I need artwork, decoration, window mistreatments (HELP NESTER!!!) or new curtains. Here are my thoughts. I would love the furniture to be black. This would mean that the table and chairs, buffet, dresser that will be repurposed as a second server/buffet would all have to be painted. Keep in mind, I am really good at starting projects without finishing them. Here are some pics. Let me know what you think and any suggestions you may have. Also, another thing I need assistance with is how to paint the hardware on the pieces of furniture that would be painted black.

This is the drapery fabric I am considering.

This painting towards the top is similar to one I want to do for the room.

This is the current window mal-treatment. This is worse than just mistreatment. The wood cornices were already in place.

This is the one place that actually has some decorative pieces, but I am still not crazy about this. I am totally open to changes.

This is the wall that holds the repurposed dresser (makeover to come). Notice the lack of artwork above. I am really thinking shelves holding decorative plates, whitewear,etc. However, I am not sure whether to do that if I paint the furniture black.

Please help me with this room!! It is basically a blank canvas, well, a red canvas. I can always post more pics if necessary because there are glass french doors, the double window with the couch in front, an entry way to the kitchen, an entryway to the hallway......


Still Learning said...

Hello, it's a little hard to say about your room. I think I would need to see more pics. But I do have a couple of suggestions.
1. Go through as many magazines you can & find an inspiration dining room & try to copy it.

2. For about $50 to $75 a lot of very good interior designers will come to your home & help you make a design plan. Which basically means picking your colors you will want to use to accent the red room, deciding about accessories & window treatments. It is a wonderful investment in my humble opinion & I have done it & the room always turns out beautifully because I follow the design plan. Most home decor/gift stores work with designers or are designers themselves & can help or refer you to good & inexpensive ones.

I have a red dining room too. One of the desiners I used picked the color for me, told me what the draperies should be & made suggesions for everything in the room. Red rooms are difficult to me & I couldn't do mine myself. I'm not rich but the $50 investment was worth it.

The Nester said...

Hey woman!

Oh and hi still learning!! Heart you!!

I agree about the more photos stuff to help us see, and yes, it sure is worth it to get professional help! In my town it's a little more expensive than that but, you might have a friend that could help you for the payment of lunch or trade something you are good at!

I can tell you what i know. i wanted and chocolate brown dining room and got it and LOVED it! BUT, my furniture was all dark wood so I don't think I used it to its fullest potential!

Because both my walls and furniture were dark colors, it was hard to appreciate it. Could you do some white slip covers or parsons chairs around your soon to be black table?

i have not spray painted huge pieces of furniture before. Chairs--yes, shelves and dressers--painted with a brush. Table tops scare me because they get so much wear. I might call in a professional for the paint job--or look on craig's list and sell yours. Or ask around--I bet someone could tell you how to paint it up right!

Love the brocade fabric that you are thinking about--the perfect punch!

What about a light rug?

Or, doing a chair rail on the wall and painting the bottom part white so you can appreciate the black on your furniture! It's gonna look great!

Graham Shenanigans said...

Heather, just give me the money and I will go shopping for you. A few hundred should do it. NO problem...Consider it my sisterly duties!!!

Of course, I will help.... You know I love that almost as much as I love sewing....How bout some placemats and a table runner? I can make some for you!!!

Tamara said...

Hi! Found you via The Nester. I have a dark red dining room too, only mine isn't so large. I have a nice plate rail about 18" down from the ceiling, and I have my husband's grandmother's china displayed on it...a very traditional look...but you could do something similar with some more contemporary dishes (to coordinate with your contemporary painting).

Why not paint elements from your painting on those white drapes? Just use fabric paint or add fabric primer/extender (available in craft stores) to your acrylic paint.

You could always remove the cornice, but if you choose to keep it, you could paint it black.

With the dark red and the black furniture, you may want to consider some metallic accents, to help reflect light into the room. We used pewter accents in ours. You could even do silver leaf on that wood cornice...that would be dramatic!

You might also consider a large mirror...perhaps a rectangle, hung horizontally...above that dresser/buffet. That would give you more reflected light, and would serve as a focal point on that wall.

With black furniture, I'd consider white and silver accents...perhaps a white cake plate or collection of white vases?

What a cool room...have fun with it!

Lula! said...

I love my red dining room, too. It's dramatic, it's traditionally southern, and it's the color of my Bulldogs. Ha!

Love the damask fabric--LOVE that. But I need more pictures...please. You have a lot to work with.

A red and black dining room...that's just the best. You need some Bulldog love representing in there, too...it can be tastefully done, you know?

Kelley said...

Goddess I am not but I did have a Decorating/Redesign business for a while and it's definitely the thing that I love to do.

I love the black and white direction that you are going. I too want to warn you about going too dark with everything. Nester's ideas for white slipcovers is great. Also, a large display of white plates/platters, etc. would be pretty. I would replace the chandelier with a pretty black one (maybe with white shades). Some black and white and maybe some red throw pillows on your sofa would be good. As for hardware, remove it and spray it all the same. There are some great hammered finish spray paints out there. I like the ladder shelves that you have shown in the pic. I can see one of those on either side of your repurposed dresser which will help to take up room on your large wall. Be sure to add some greenery, etc. for softness. Can't wait to see the "afters"