Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nothing New

Okay, I am still here, people. I can always think of funny things that my children say, but other than that, I really have nothing to say. I'll start with Bro Man:

He and Mr. Wonderful went to Wally World together the other night. They had each gotten them a lava lamp at Target when we went while visiting my sister on Saturday. Bro Man's lava lamp was broken and he just wasn't having the pink one. So Mr. Wonderful took the pink one to the music studio and took Bro Man to go get a new one. Bro Man told me this story yesterday. Bro Man asks why they are buying something and Mr. Wonderful says "I don't know. Why are we buying this?" Bro Man: Touche.

Touche? An 8 year old. And he used in correctly. And he knows what it means. Mr. Wonderful said during the story, "Yeah. Whatever that means." I asked Bro Man what it means and he says "You've got a point." I'm impressed.

Baby K is so used to "rockin' out" to music that she now finds things to rock out to. In fact, on more than one occasion she has used my Diet Coke bottle as a guitar all the while doing her best 2 yo impression of guitar sounds. And she says, "Look, Mama. I'm rockin' the bottle." Told ya my children had music in their blood.

I've got a few little projects that I am working on. I am so loving the big fat white birds that I am seeing decorating people's home on their blogs. I read today where I could find one of those birds for $1 plus the cost of spray paint. So for $2.12 I gots me a biiiird. I am so excited. I have a few furniture pieces that I need to paint and a bed frame and headboard/footboard that I need out of my dining room.

So my super cool rockin' sister Leigh has me a big ol' desk for my sewing room. I want to repurpose it as a cutting table. I have no where but my dining room table to cut fabric and it bugs me to have to leave my huge sewing room just to cut fabric. I also want to use it as a crafting space, so again I don't have to use the dining room.

Bro Man left yesterday going to Baby Daddy's house for the week. His half brother and sister are here from Arizona, so he has gone to spend time with them. And I heard through the grapevine yesterday that Baby Daddy and Barbie got engaged on their cruise this past week. Well, good for them.

Okay, so I am through gossiping now. And my man is on the TV. The top one in the yummy pics from the other day. I'm off to drool....toodles!


Anonymous said...

Kids are definitely should keep track of what they say and show them later on. They will love that....well, I did anyway...maybe I'm weird though. :)

What are these white birds you speak of?

Graham Shenanigans said...

Yeah, send me a link. I wanna see the white birds. I think the kiddos get their funniness from their Aunt, at least their good looks....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Kimba's white bird. She loves her paint, doesn't she. That woman makes me want to paint everything I see...and I just don't have the time. But I look at everything now and wonder...can I blog about it...or should I paint it? Everything.

Thanks for the tip on the floaties too. :)

Anonymous said...

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