Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Last Night's Television Programming


1. Celebrity Family Feud--I am loving the remakes of classic games shows that has been airing. Oh Duane Lee, how I love thee. Did Dog Chapman really say that Leland was the hot one in the family??? Come on. Did you see the brother he was standing beside? DL kicks his boo-tay!

2. The Secret Life of an American Teenager: While the concept of teenage sex is never overdone, the portrayal of the Christians as some sort of freaks for not having sex before marriage was horrible. The acting was horrible. I am glad that someone was at least willing to put the Christian viewpoint in there (for once) but the way it was portrayed was somewhat odd. While I wish there were more teenagers spreading their Christianity and morals with others, the character came across as pushy. The acting in the show is horrible. Horrible, I say!! One more time--the acting was horrible! It was nearly as bad as Facing The Giants (which was a great movie despite the lack of acting).

Well those are the only two things from last night that I watched. Now I am off to be a kool-aid fairy for my niece and nephew and then to baseball camp.

*** I have had several people tell me that they have not seen Facing The Giants. Despite the horrible lack of acting ability, the movie and its message are unbelievable. You absolutely must watch it!!


Melissa Lee said...

Uhhh...your comment about Facing the Giants...I would just like to go on record as saying that YOUR cousin, who we both know but shall remain nameless, actually acted out a scene from that movie for us one night.

We have never seen the movie.

He did now make us want to rush out and rent it - that's for sure.

He said the acting was so horrific. I only hope you get the chance someday to see his stellar performance. It would make you proud.

Glad your still checking in with me. Let's me know your still alive!!

Melissa at Stretch Marks

Anonymous said...

I watched an actual movie last night because there is nothing but crap on right now. Ok, actually, I'm trying to NOT get into any shows...I just don't have any more room for anything else once the fall lineup starts. I'm addicted to tv. I haven't seen a movie in months I watched Blades of Glory last night. It was a stupid storyline as I expected...but super funny...which I also expected. I do have Facing the Giants here and haven't seen it yet. Should I watch it????