Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good News

Well, we have had no word yet on Jack's pathology report. Only--my vet is in my SS class, so he told me after class that it was in fact cancer, but that it would only spread from the site and he was successful in removing all of it. Thank the Lord!!

Bro Man had an episode Thursday at the doctor. We went to get his jaw checked out. He has been having some jaw pain and woke up Thursday morning with a swollen face. The doctor examined him and Bro Man chatted away. After the examination Bro Man laid his head on my shoulder and promptly passed out. This is the second time in the past six months that he has fainted, but this time it was in front of the doctor. Last time they tried to pass it off as if he passed out because we were pulling his tooth. But this time, he saw how quickly it happened and without warning. So the pediatrician is being a little more considerate about it. But the news with him is that his jaw is feeling better and he has not had anymore dizziness or problems with passing out. He was so mad at me because I would not let him go swimming Thursday afternoon. I tried to explain that I could not chance that he would pass out in the swimming pool in someone else's care. Of course, he did not understand.

Now, on to some advice. SS promotion takes place at church next Sunday. Emmy is supposed to be moving up. Her new teacher is a severely physically deformed lady. She is sweet as she can be, but Em is terrified of her. She has informed me that she will not be going to that class. I have tried everything under the sun to explain that she is nice and sweet and just looks different, but Em is truly terrified. How do I handle this? Do I go to class with her for several weeks until she gets a bit more comfortable? Do I just let her go to class with me? She can't go with me for the next two years until she gets out of that class? She can't continue with the 2's and 3's because she is 4. I just don't know what to do. Do I alternate weeks of her going with me and me going with her? Or do I just leave her home with Mr. Wonderful and the two of them come to worship service. She won't have a problem being out of the nursery since she will get to go with Bro Man to children's church.

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Lula! said...

Hooray on the good news. Keep us posted.

And about Emmy and SS. I honestly don't know what to tell you. I understand her fear--it's totally normal for a child. Kids do need to know that God has made all His children different and special in their own way, HOWEVER that being said she is still awfully young. Pray about it. God will lead you the right way. Sorry I'm not helpful. But do let us know what you decide.