Monday, July 7, 2008

Why I Hate Wally World Part Deux

Okay, first I am stoked to say that I have learned how to strike through text. Yay, me!!! And Google. I tip my hat raise my glass to Google in all its information-filled glory. Here's to you "Goog"! (See I told you I learned how!)

Now, on with Part II. Last year there was a stalker guy in Wal-World. Every time I went in there, this creepy man was there and he would always find me. He would follow me through the store. This is what he did: He would walk up behind you and stand about two inches behind you. When you realize he is there and nicely offer to move out of his way, he pretends he is looking at what you are. But he never picks anything up. Then he follows you through the store, continuously pulling this stalking act. I used to tell my husband about it and he would pretend that he paid the guy to do it to keep me out of Wal-Hell. (Well, in truth in worked b/c I stayed out alot more.) I never saw this guy anywhere else, until the Shell station. He worked there and I didn't know. I never would have stopped there had I known. I was getting a drink out of the cooler. When I pulled the drink out, there he was staring me down from behind the cooler. I quickly turned to go to the register and out he comes, just staring. Well, the epitome of his creepiness occurred when my husband went with me but we were in seperate departments. I went to get diapers and heard some shoes flopping behind me. I looked over my shoulder only to find him approaching. I very quickly left the baby section. I was at one end of the aisles and he was at the others. He was running to try to keep me in sight. Boy, was it relief when I finally found Mr. Wonderful and Bro Man. I was absolutely terrified. He was getting bolder.

I told one of my sister's about it and she told the story at work. It turns out that two of the women there had the same thing happen to them. One of them decided to call a police officer friend. He talked to the guy and I have not seen him since. Until.....

I went yesterday. He walked past the aisle I was on and chills went all over my body. My heart was pounding. He did not turn towards me. But then I saw it....he was doing it to someone else. And let me tell you...I got fired up! I whipped my buggy (we're in the South..they are buggies.) on the aisle they were on and just watched him. And I let him know I was watching. The sad part is he continued to do it knowing I was watching him. She moved out of his way. He moved in closer. She went around him and left the aisle. He left the aisle. Only this time I left the aisle too. She had stopped to look at movies near the registers and I took the opportunity to tell her what was going on. She said she had noticed "being in his way" several times, but did not realize he was following her. She was totally creeped out and left immediately.

But this is why I hate that store: I stopped and talked to one of the asst mgrs and the security mgr on my way out. The security guy was young and wrote down most of what I said. The asst mgr (one of the ones involved in the Part I) rolled his eyes and acted as if he really didn't care. I was a bother to him. I even told them that I know that he checks out (when he even bothers to buy anything) and puts it in his car and then comes back in. I informed them that he was probably in there at the time, even though I had seen him check out. My BIL who works there stopped by yesterday afternoon and informed me that he had seen him in there about 30 minutes after I left. He and another worker observed him stalking another woman. But do you think management did anything about it?? No. I know that the man has not violated anything yet other than personal space, but he is being so blatant with it when he used to be sneaky. Oh, he will rue the day that he decides to do it to me again!!!! I will sooooo turn be-yotch on him and alert everyone around me by raising my voice really loud. The police officer who talked to him said he thought that confronting him would stop him, but it will probably only stop him from stalking the ones who do confront him. But it does make me scared to go to my car. Because I know he is out there. And what if he gets pissed off and aggressive?


Heather said...

Eww.. Creepy McCreeperton from Creepsville. Wal-Mart is creepy anyway without Stalkerman to contend with!

Z's Mom said...

WOW! That is creepy! Yeah, I would say turn on him too...but you never know these days!!!! What if he does get aggressive?

I live in the midwest, and I may be the only one, but I call it a buggy too!

Insane Mama said...

I was so excited when I learned how to do a strikethrough also!
Wal mart is a creeped out store
We don't have one very close to me thank goodness

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

God love it I HATE that store. That kind of stuff should NOT happen.

Lula! said...

First off--it is TOTALLY a buggy. To this day my Yankee and midwestern friends still tease me about calling it a "buggy." They also tease me about saying "fixin to," and "cut off the light," instead of turn or switch. WHATEVER. I am southern, hear me roar.

And good for you with your buggy action...and talking to management...and your BIL...and wanting to take down the Wally World stalker. You are brave. You will be victorious. You will WIN in the end. I'm sure of it.

I hate Walmart. Target forever!

The Mom said...

I am wondering if they have undercover security there?! Maybe? Sorry trying to play devil's advocate, but our Target had a few when it first openened (now they wear unis) and I would see the same guy (one I went to H.S. with) EVERY time I went in and that was odd to me. He didn't follow me, but he looked like he was loitering you know?!

Otherwise COMPLETELY freaky and I'd go to another town to WM just to stay away! YIKES!

The Mom said...

I just saw I spelled opened ..openened...I'm really a GEWD SPHELUR!

Stephanie said...

Yikes. Yet another reason for me to add to my list entitled, "Why I Am a Target Shopper." But if you don't have a Target, or don't want to let Creepshow Circus scare you out of Wal-Mart, perhaps you should see about fashioning a pair of nunchucks that fit in your purse.

By the bye, I am dying to learn the strike through maneuver. Am currently too computer illiterate to make it happen.

Teri said...

Hi, found you on Tentcamper's site.
We call Walmart the Evil Empire, for various reasons. Can't stand the place. Target all the way. So sorry for the creepiness at the Evil Empire, though.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

What an awful story! I hope you dont' actually have to confront him. That store needs to do something! I hate Walmart, but go there because I need to.

Thanks for coming by to see me.

Apple Joos said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE STP! My husband... he's not so big of a fan! It's not that he doesn't like them but that he's more of a Metallica kind of guy. After going to the concert, he came home and started looking up STP guitar tab for all sorts of their songs. I think we may have a convert on our hands!