Monday, June 30, 2008

You're How Old???!!!

Okay, since I can't get anyone to participate on the age game, I'll tell the story as to why I was asking.

Bro Man's coach for two years has called me Mrs. Davis. This is not and has never been my name. But not wanting to hurt his feelings or make him feel stupid, I just answered him. I knew he was referring to me. He asked Mr. Wonderful to help him coach. At opening ceremonies, he had him introduced as "Keith Davis." Of course, Mr. Wonderful does not move from the spot he is standing. I later informed Coach Nick that Davis is not our last name. (It is Bro Man's, but not ours.) So as the season went on, Keith was Keith and I was Mrs. Last Name. At the last game, I asked him to please not call me Mrs. Last Name because it made me feel old. His exact response was, "Good. You are old." Here's the conversation.

Nick: Good. You are old.

Me: I'm not old. I'm only 30.

Nick: Bullcrap! You're not 30.

Me: Yes, I am.

Nick: There's no way you're only 30.

Me: I am. Ask Keith.

Nick: I will. I know you are older than 30.

Me: Well, how old are you?

Nick: 29.

Me: You're 29 and you are calling me old.

Nick: Well, you drive a mini-van.

Me: Well, I have three kids. Two are still in carseats. Ever try fitting that many in a car?

Me to Keith: How old am I? Tell Nick the truth.

Keith: She's 30.

Nick: Bull.

Keith: I'm only 35.

Nick: Y'all are lying. You are old.

Me: When will you be 30?

Nick: Sept 28.

Me: Mine is Sept 30, so I am not even a year older than you. I can't believe you are calling me old.

Now, this really hurt my feelings. I have never, ever been accused of being older than I am. I guess having three kids and driving a minivan really ages someone. Dang Nick!


Heather said...

Okay, I would've had to slap Nick. Seriously...that was so RUDE!!! Let me at him!!!

Graham Shenanigans said...

I know our parents taught us that if we have nothing nice to say, then keep our mouths shut. I guess everyone's parents did not feel the same way. Thank God for our parents.

Z's Mom said...

I agree with Heather....I'd have slapped Nick. Especially since I'm...umm....more Keith's age!!!

Ali Blogger said...

Ouch! That sounds a little rude if you ask me. Geesh!

Lane Boyz Mom said...

OMG I think I'm mad for you, in fact, I may cry....if he thinks 30 is old...then Lord have mercy....I'm almost dead!!!