Thursday, June 5, 2008

the first murder at VBS

Ok, well this week is VBS at our church. I am a crew leader for pre-K five year olds. Those of you who know me know that I do not have alot of tolerance for children who cannot and do not even attempt to behave. It is ridiculous that I can decide if a child goes to the public or private school by the way they act. And it is not the way that you think. The private school kids (not all, just most) that I have run across have no concept of how to sit still and quiet, how to keep their hands to themselves, how to listen. Most importantly they do not know that the glare that I give them after taking all that my Prozac-relaxed mind can take is actually a threat. They don't know that I am on the verge of the very first Vacation Bible School murder. Okay, well maybe not murder. Maybe strangulation to the point of unconsciousness. Or maybe just a good, hard switching. Or maybe just a stern talking to in the hallway. I'll have to settle for the last since it really would not look good for the future of VBS at our church if I actually harmed one of the little dears.

Actually, the three problem boys are very sweet children. They love to cuddle, give hugs, and are full of compliments. One of them has the thickest head of red hair and a face full of freckles. But not the ugly kind of red hair and freckles. He is absolutely adorable. There truly is a difference. The other is darker skinned with blonde hair and big brown almond shaped eyes. So cute I could just eat him up. The third is quite the little flirt. He loves to tell the women how beautiful they look. But I could just pinch his stuttering little head off. I believe that every person attending VBS knows this child's name just from the number of times I say it every morning. Thank goodness I am not a teacher at this private school. Even Prozac daily wouldn't be enough to make me be in a class with these boys every day for nine months.

I have gained a few new favorite children from this experience. Gage is my latest favorite. And Megan. Sweet, quiet Megan. Oh, how I do love quiet children!!! But the amazing thing is that no matter how many times a day I have to correct these children, I still get the best hugs and cuddle time every day. Oh, how sweet they are--when they are sleeping, surely. Can't we incorporate nap time into VBS? How I would rejoice! I can't decide if I would actually take a nap with them or stay awake just to praise God for the quiet time!!!

My husband's employer is threatening that they may have to close their doors in six months. May I just say that I hate CC sometimes (his work). If they are in such a bad financial position, shouldn't they be making some cutbacks? Like actually making the people who retired in December leave and stop paying them? Or getting rid of two people who salaries take up $160,000 a year and no one has been able to figure exactly what they do? Other than stand over DH's shoulder and watch him fix their problems. And may I also say that the possibility of them closing their door is not good for a family of five with one income from them??? Even more reason that I need a teaching position this fall.

I now know how my friend Kim feels. Her husband is virtually useless as far as income is concerned and her job is ending this month. The Lord will provide as he always does. It just doesn't do us any good to worry. We know why do we do it anyway? Is our worrying going to change things?

Well, I will close for tonight. I have to prepare for our biggest game of the season. Because as all of you know, my pre-game ritual of making kids go to the bathroom and fixing sippy cups helps determine the outcome of the game. Just like my screaming like a Banchee.

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