Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feeling Good

The humidity today was so much lower and we had a nice breeze, so the kids and I took advantage of it. We took a brisk walk this morning for about 45 minutes. The girls chilled in the double stroller, while brother cruised ahead on his bike. We got home and had lunch, then I went to cut the grass with the push mower. Yes. We still have a push mower. I know, I know. Nobody owns a push mower anymore. But I use as exercise. And I actually enjoy cutting grass. It feels oh-so-good to be on the move in something other than the grueling Alabama heat.

We have played musical rooms again. Keith and I are finally out of the living room and in a bedroom. The girls are together in the big room, and Ryan is quite content having the smaller room. The living room has now moved out of the den and into the living room where Keith and I have been sleeping for the last year. It only makes sense since it is the coolest room in the house and we spend the most time there. That leaves the den unoccupied. I have claimed it as my craft/sewing room. We have a built-in desk that serves as my sewing desk. I leave my sewing machine set up in there. There are all of the built-ins to house fabric and craft supplies. I put my old sewing desk in there and it will serve as my school desk. It has a hidden compartment where I can hide my school work to keep little paws off of it. We have decided to move both the dog and the cat's food bowls into that room, and the litter box will stay in there. I am so excited to have my own space. Maybe Mr. Wonderful and I can come up with some sort of schedule. He can have a certain number of nights kid-free in the music studio (another room in our house) and I can have alternating nights in the craft studio. Hopefully, that way we can both get something accomplished.

We finished the baseball season in second place. Only the first place team gets trophies, so Bro Man was quite upset. It has given him a goal to work towards. I like seeing motivation in him.

Well, I am off to clean the house. We have a Mr. Wonderful's vocalist coming over tonight to lay down some tracks. The house is a mess still since our room swap yesterday. Dishes to wash, laundry to wash, laundry to fold and fold and fold, and dining room to pick up.

Have a lovely afternoon!

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