Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Heart Can't Take This

OMG!!!!! I love being a sports mom, but I can' t take the stress. Our boys loooovvveeee to play nail biters!!!! And I am one of those loud, obnoxious mothers. Well, not really obnoxious--just very much a cheerleader for our team. I coach those boys from the bleachers, from the fence, from the bathroom, from the concession stand. I do apologize to the people sitting around me before hand because I know that I am going to be loud. Most of them know from either playing us before or watching our games that I am a yeller. I talk to those boys about their position in the field, their base running, where the play is, their batting stance. My blood pressure shoots up so high during the final innings of games because we tend to blow BIG leads. For example, tonight in the second inning, we had the other team 11-0. They took three runs away from us for some unexplained reason, so we were backed up to 8-0. We let them come back to 8-5 in the bottom of the second. At the bottom of the fifth, they tied it 16 all. We went to a sixth inning in which we scored three. We managed with help from a two strikeouts to be in a one out game situation. We were up three with two outs and they got to the heart of their batting order. Two runners got on base with the winning run at the plate. And I cannot tell you the number of times we have been in this situation. I was pacing. I was fidgeting. I was yelling my heart out. My freakin' head was about to explode from the sudden onset of out-of-this-world blood pressure. It was a slow roller to first and Anthony made the play. Awesome! We are now a one-loss team who plays an undefeated team next Thursday night for a chance at the championship. We have three games next week. Two against the Yankees who have not won this season, and one against The Undefeateds. No one seems to think that we stand much of a chance against The Undefeateds, because until Monday night they had beat everyone by double digits. Monday night they barely pulled one out against the team we beat tonight. If we beat them Thursday, we will be forced to play a rained out game against them as a tie-breaker for the championship. So, basically in a nutshell, we need to win out and beat The Undefeateds a second time. Hopefully, I will be alive to see it and not dead from cardiac arrest. I wonder if Ryan would keep playing and Keith keep coaching if I keeled over?! I think they might. They would have time to be sad later. Gosh, I hope one of my sisters is at the game to take care of the girls when I die. They will have to have someone buy them popcorn and drinks once I perish. "Reba" can still take them to the bathroom since they ask her to take them every time.

The whole point of this blog is that my heart is not going to withstand another 10+ years of this. I will bust a blood vessel or have an aneurysm. Is it possible to die just from the stress of years of nail-biters? I mean I truly have to walk away some times. I close my eyes because I just can't stand to see. And Ryan wants to play college ball-- someone's got to cut Moms some slack!

Peace out and power to the White Sox!!

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