Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tie 'em up?

Okay, so we all have children who don't mind. Those of you who have teenagers are probably at wits end at times trying to figure out what you should do with them. My children are young. I admit there are times that I would love to lock them in a closet. No, I would NEVER do that. Please don't notify DHR that they should check in on my family. I reiterate... I would NEVER do that sort of thing. But as mad as our children can make us....as much as they know exactly what buttons to press and when....I could never do anything even close to what one North Carolina couple did to their 13 yo.

Mr. Wonderful informed me this morning of a story that Robin Meade would cover on the Morning Express show on CNN. (As a side note, I am absolutely thrilled that through all of his ogling of Robin, my husband actually hears what is being said on the show as well.) It seems a NC couple is on trial for tying their 13 yo to a tree for two nights because he was misbehaving. Okay....shocker: a thirteen year old boy was misbehaving. Turns out that the boy ended up dying as a result of this "punishment." I have always protested people tying dogs to trees. I have even seen such cruelty as horses tied to trees. But never, I mean never, have I heard such an outrage as parents tying their child to a tree for more than 18 hours with plastic ties and other things. These people are going to burn in hell. Can you just imagine the conversation on judgment day?? And I am not speaking of their verdict in court. I wish I was clever enough to come up with the potential conversation between this man and woman and God, but I am not. I will never be clever enough to pretend that I would know what God would say.

But I was reading the story online this morning, and Baby K was sitting in my lap. I had not mentioned the story, but when she saw the picture of the man, she said "Mama, he's all bad." Yes, even at 2 she was able to spot that the picture online was of a bad man.

I am just truly baffled by the minds of people who are capable of these types of heinous crimes. Who can look at their flesh and blood and think that tying them to a tree is proper punishment?? Ooohhh...judgment day is coming, folks!

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