Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

So, I have really started enjoying the humor of my children lately. And they say the cutest things--even when they are being ugly. Here are some of the conversations just from the last few days:

Daddy: Big Guy, your a sucker. (I really don't remember what they were talking about.)

Bro Man: Well, your a f*cker.

Daddy: What did you just call me?

Bro Man: a f*ucker.

Daddy: Don't say that. That is an ugly word.

Bro Man: Oh, I didn't know.

Daddy: (coming outside with me and Emily) Big Guy just called me a f*cker. (said in a whisper).

Me: What? Why? That's it. I will not tolerate that kind of language.

Daddy: No, he didn't know. That's pretty good. Making it to 8 and not knowing f*cker is a bad word.

Emily: Why did Brother call Daddy a f*ucker?

Me: Okay, you don't say it either because it is very ugly.

Em: Okay.

Last night at the movies:

Looking at the big cardboard cutout of Kung Fu Panda:

Baby K: Is that Uncle 'Wayne?

Me: Boo Ha Ha Ha Ha

Last night leaving the movies:

Bro Man: I'm never going to see my friends again.

Daddy: Yeah, man. These boys will be your friends for life.

Bro Man: No, I'll never see them again. None of them will ever come over to play or anything.

Baby K: Brother, shut your little mouth.

Mama: Bodee, don't talk like that to your brother.

K: (finger pointed to the sky) Mama, I'm the boss.

Bro Man: Don't you talk to me like that. You shut your mouth!

Mama: Okay, that's enough talking ugly to each other.

K: Brother, I'm the boss.

Today while potty training:

K: Bye-Bye teetee. Bye-bye guck. Mama, they're gone to heaven.

Em: Mama, when you flush guck and teetee they go straight to the beach.

Mama: Oh, so is that where all that water came from?

Em: Yep.

Sunday at the Cemetary:

Em: Mama, is this where Paw is?

Daddy: Paw is not here anymore. He's in heaven.

K: Where is Paw?

Em (pointing upward): He's up there.

K: No, those are clouds.

Em: Well, they look like angels to me.

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Melissa Lee said...

Okay, this is good stuff.

But to be honest, I think it speaks volumes of the kind of foul language you and your husband use around your house. Hmmmmm....

By the way - you mentioned Ronnie Freeman. My husband, also referred to as The Attorney General - is his manager. He and Ronnie have been best friends for about 10 years now. Did you scroll down to see pics of the vacation we just went on with them?

I was glad to hear from you. I hope you keep coming back. I need a new friend. :)