Thursday, June 12, 2008

Men are such babies

My husband came home sick from work today. Now, before I tell you what a baby he is, I will have to tell you that he NEVER comes home sick and NEVER calls in. However, at 10:30 today he came home and went straight to bed because his stomach was hurting. His stomach was hurting. Now, I am the one who had a stomach virus for five days, but not once did I find someone to watch the kids so I could sleep because my stomach hurt. Right now, I have a sort throat and achy ears, but I am still up, still cleaned, still took care of the kids, still sewed with my bestie/sister, still have to go to ballgames tonight and yell like there is no tomorrow. Why don't women get to be babies when we are sick? I wanted to go to bed at like 7:00 last night. However, it was 10:30 before I even got to attempt to sleep.

On another note, my sister Leigh of Graham Shenanigans came down today with my two nieces to sew. We haven't been able to get together lately to do any projects, so it was a great treat. The kids kept our kitten and dog under control while we accomplished some great things. Leigh, thanks for sharing those patterns. You make my sewing life so much easier. I also forgot to pay you for the Diet Coke, so thanks for that special gift! Leigh's daughter took some wonderful pictures of the my kids today and I can't wait to post them. We used the Elfi Fairy fabric to make a very cute little a-line shirt lined with MM pink ta dot. Turned out absolutely adorable.

No funny animal stories to post today. Or gross ones either. It has been a rather uneventful day. I hope to have time to post a snippets post later of funny things that my kids say.

Got a letter from my college today (currently getting my Master's in Elem Ed) stating that I had not taken some necessary steps. There were three things listed, two tests and fingerprint clearance. Well, here's a note, morons. I have taken and passed all parts of 1 test, have not registered to take the second, and have not once, but twice been cleared to enter schools. Please keep up with important documents that pertain to your students. We are required to keep up with all of our important school work. What if we "misplaced" it? It was my responsibility to take the test and have it sent to you. I did my part. Please do yours.

Is it sad that Emily refers to the ice pack as her "friend"? I guess it has comforted her so many times now, it should feel like her mother to her.

Well, I will try to post some snippets later. After the ballgame. Toodles.


TentCamper said...

Well....we men are NOT babies. We just work sooooooooooooooo hard that sometimes our bodies just .... give out.
(well that sounded good. regardless of how true it really is)
Maybe he just wants to be home to count some coins!!!!

Molly said...

Tentcamper, you are treading on dangerous ground buddy! All men are babies when they are sick! They think that it is awful that us women ask them to take care of the kids when we have to do it, even if we are puking out guts out. You men have it easy!