Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wii are pitiful

So we got a Wii this morning. Big Guy has been playing all morning, and making it look easy I might add. Mr. Wonderful decided to partake in the boxing. Needless to say, he definitely broke a sweat. So me and fat self decided it would be my turn. 30 minutes later and I was still struggling for breath suffering from chest pain. Is there any warning on the box that says to consult a physician before beginning this rigorous training? It took a game to show us how "wiilly" pitiful we are. But I so am digging tennis. And I suck at that too. It almost made me consider going to the real tennis courts today. But its cold. Maybe I'll do it anyway. That should definitely help the sickness.

Let me know your wii adventures.

1 comment:

BigSis said...

I am really good at tennis. Not half bad at bowling either.