Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm off to see the wizard

Okay, well, not really a wizard. More of a doctor. But let's hope he has some wizardry skills up his sleeve. I have had a severe case of laryngitis for 5 days now, even resting my voice. My senior year in high school I went 9 months without a voice. Can this be considered a disability for a teacher? Obviously classroom management and teaching are out of the question for someone who has no voice. I actually think that they behave better when I have no voice, for some reason. I can't teach, so they are required to do more work while I walk around monitoring. Maybe when my voice comes back, I will just continue whispering, if it helps them to work better and behave better.

I know that I have been absent for a few weeks on the writing end of things. I have still been reading, but am too physically exhausted from teaching, college, and mothering to form sentences. I have already missed one night of school, but there is absolutely no way that I can go tonight to sit in class until 9:00 when I feel like crap. Let me explain how I feel. You know on You've Got Mail, how sick Meg Ryan is when Tom Hanks comes to visit. She just feels like lying down, covered up, blowing her nose. I watched that movie the other day and thought to myself (I didn't even say it out loud) that people on movies and tv have far worse colds than the average everyday person. But I feel like Meg Ryan. Feel. Not look. Trust me, I don't look like that when I feel good, let alone when I am sick.

Mr. Wonderful has been a trooper this last few days. He knows how frustrating it is for me to try to say something occassionally and someone not hear me. So he tries to read my lips so he won't have to ask me to repeat myself. He even called substitutes for me this morning and made me a doctor's appointment. All this after I reminded him that he said he would love me in sickness and in health. Ahh...what a good man! He was even late to work this morning so he could try to get me into the doctor.

Prayer requests: My friend and fellow teacher, Shawnda, has to have spine surgery next Monday. It is a very intense surgery where they will actually remove four discs and replace them with cadaver discs. Please pray for her as she has never had surgery and she has a four yo little girl. Please pray for God's healing, for a speedy, uneventful surgery and recovery. For peace of mind for her whole family, most especially her child.

Praises: One of my students told me last week that he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. It has been breaking my heart. He informed me Thursday after many, many prayers that he DOES NOT have a tumor. God is a miracle worker!!

Hope all of your lives have been as blessed as mine and those around me. Have an inspiring week.

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Staci said...

oh i hope you get to feeling better, i hate when i cant talk, cause then i cant sing reeeal loud in my car...and thats a must!