Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cracking Up

That Baby K (3) says some funny stuff. I mean, she keeps us laughing. Well this morning, she came out with another one. Granted it was probably funnier to us than it will be to you, but funny nonetheless.

Obama was on television. Emmy proudly announces that Bro Man does not like the president. I just shrugged it off. As Mr. Wonderful enters the room, Emmy makes the announcement one more time. Only this time, Baby K adds, "Yeah. He only likes the Bushes." How does she even know there is more than one Bush? Mr. Wonderful began talking politics with her, in between laughs, and she responded every time with, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever." Too funny.

Well, the wizard suggested that I stay home for the week to get a much needed break. He is beginning to wonder if my laryngitis is triggered by stress. Either way, he wanted me to rest without trying to be a teacher. I obviously cannot stay home for the entire week, so I will be going back tomorrow, apparently without a voice. I will just have to wing it until my voice returns. I sure do hope this does not become permanent. I am considering learning sign language and forcing all of my family and friends to do the same, so that we may communicate more easily when I am resigned to a whisper. I think the voice issue just solidifies the decision not to go back next year. There has to be some sort of solution. Can I get disability for my voice keeping me from doing my job?

Friday night Bro Man is going to the Valentine's dance AGAIN with the same girl for the fourth year. They claim to be just friends this year, though. At 9, that is all they need to worry about being. Of course, both of their mom's will be there, then they are going to a cookout at her church. I love their family so much. But they need prayers. Kim (the mom) is a nurse. She has been out of work since last summer. There seems to be no doctors hiring in Greenville. They are living off of savings, but that is starting to dwindle. I may do a little research myself to see if I can find her somewhere--maybe not local, but nearby. Surely someone needs a registered nurse.

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