Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where the "Crazy" part comes in


So all of you are wondering where the crazy part fits into the "crazy and happy", right? Right? Just say yes ma'am. Thursday night when I got home, Jack (the dog) ran outside to meet us as he does every single day. As I open the back doors of the van to get the girls out, he jumps in and he jumps out. Well, Thursday night, about 2 hours after we got home, Jack still had not tried to come back in from outside. But my boss' dog would not stop barking. It was driving me insane. So Mr. Wonderful went outside to make sure that it was not Jack. (They are both Schnauzers and sound just alike!) He came back-nope. It was Dr. Farmer's. Another thirty minutes passed and the stupid dog just would not quit barking. Finally, I told Mr. Wonderful that I thought Jack must be in trouble or something because he would not come when I called him. I put my shoes on, gathered a flashlight, and headed out to find my baby dog. As I walked past the van, he jumped on the window of the van--from the inside. He had been shut in the van for two and half hours. I did not even know. But to make matters worse, I had forgotten my keys in the ignition and he had locked himself in there. It took us another 45 minutes to break into the van and get the dog out. Okay, I say we, but I mean I shined a flashlight and held a pry bar while my husband unlocked the door. I swear that Jack drank water for 15 minutes straight. Bless his heart.

Then last night, Baby K was wound up. It was like she was on crack or something. Just a whirlwind constantly. She was sitting in my lap and plop! I heard her drop something into my Diet Coke can. Well, I did not know what she dropped and she just kept saying "the blue ding." Well, when I emptied out the can, I found my SanDisk memory card for my digital camera--full of pictures. That's right, folks. She put my maxed out memory card into the Diet Coke. Rest assured tears were shed over that.

On a good note, I mended a pair of pants yesterday that have been needing repair for the past 4 1/2 years. I do not ever think about it until I want to wear them, and then I do not have time. So last night, I did it. I remembered the pants and by golly, I mended them.

Good news is yesterday started a 10-day break from school. Hopefully I can get some Christmas gifts completed that I am making and some sewing done and some laundry complete and some housekeeping done and some parenting, if there is time. Happy Thanksgiving, bloggy friends.


Graham Shenanigans said...

Heather, I am off today if you come by and sew or something. I have lots of things I have to make today but if you wanna come sew too, that's fine. Your pampered chef came in too.

BigSis said...

I wish I was off for 10 days....