Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gift Hunting

For the first time in my life, I am having trouble picking out Christmas gifts for my children. Bro Man is 8 and his list consists of a new puppy and a dirtbike. Neither one of those is happening. Emmy is easy schmeasy. No problem for her. Baby K is proving a challenge as well. She is no longer a baby, but a big girl. I know that I want to get both girls big girl bikes, Emmy is getting a Tag Reading System and some books to go with it, a baby doll, some clothes, etc. Bro Man does want a baseball glove, so that is manageable. But here is where I run into problems. I do not want to buy toys. We have entirely too many toys now. I don't want to buy video games, because I want to encourage more active play and use of imagination. Bro Man has a birthday three weeks after Christmas, so we are back to buying then.

Here are my thoughts: I got him a movie to watch on his PSP. I'll get him one of those light tracing boxes because he loves to draw, a baseball glove, maybe one or two video games, and some new clothes. He won't be especially overjoyed, but we still have two other Christmases to attend, where there are sure to be toys.

Mr. Wonderful found some of those Disney princess dresses and shoes in Wal*art the other day and immediately thought of Baby K.

Wal*art's Black Friday advertisement came out yesterday. There was really nothing in there that I would be willing to get up and fight the madness to get. Mr. Wonderful found some SD memory cards that he wants, but they will be there later in the day. I would love the cricut expressions machine for $199, but don't want to spend that kind of money on myself.

I would love some ideas if any of you have them for an 8 year old. The rest of the crew I can figure out.


BigSis said...

Maybe you and Ryan could make a donation to the animal shelter. I think they accept things like food, blankets, towels, or money. Or, you could find him a Webkins dog. I know a dirt bike is out of the question. But, my boys had a dirtboard. It was a skateboard with "off road" wheels and it had a handle so they could steer to some extent. He could ride it down the hill in your backyard.

Mc Allen said...

I know, Im struggling to... WalMarts add came out yesterday ya say? Darn!!! However, that wont stop me, I will get up butt crack a dawn early and brave the day!!! I hope you get some ideas! LA