Saturday, July 4, 2009

Weird Vacation Apology

Vacations are relaxing, refreshing, an escape from reality. That is, unless you take my children. My sister, Leigh, and I took her two teenagers, "my" teenager, and my three little ones on vacation. In trying to conserve money, I chose to stay somewhere off the beach, somewhere that Google Maps told me was only a 25 minute drive from the beach. Well, that turned out to be a lie. It was closer to an hour. But we arrived on Wednesday afternoon and did a little shopping. Like the idiot that I was, I took my children in the bookstore. NEVER. AGAIN. We checked in around 4:00, all of us not in the greatest of moods. I took my 3 to see Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs, at which time Baby K started whining to go home. Said whining lasted the rest of the trip. Thursday the plan was to get up and go to the beach after breakfast. We did not even start towards the beach until around 10:30, had to stop at Wally World, and did not arrive at the beach until around 12:30. It was upon arriving at the beach that I realized that I hate the beach. Okay, I do not hate the beach all the time, but I hated taking 3 crabby kids to the beach. The teenagers got hungry and I was bored out of my mind by 3:00, so we packed up and headed back. Those three hours were the only three that we spent at the beach. Friday we went outlet shopping at Foley.

I do want to apologize to Leigh. I do not think you had a good time, and for that I apologize greatly. It was not my intention to go down there and only spend a few hours at the beach, because I know that you love it. And if it is possible, I think you enjoyed my children even less than I did. Not because we don't love them, but because they are horrible. They are brats. And I really am sorry. Next time there will be better research done for hotels, and ours will have a pool. It will be no where near a city that drives me crazy. And it will be less a few children. I really am sorry.

But it sure does feel good to be home. We did not even eat out this morning. Just picked up some food and ate on the way home. We were home by 10:15. So relaxing? No. Refreshing? No. Escape from reality? Nope. A heaping dose of it.

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Graham Shenanigans said...

Heather, no apology needed. It was not your children that were driving me crazy. It was mine own ungrateful, unappreciative greedy teenager(s) that were driving me crazy. Can I have? Can I have? Can I have? And "no" meant a 2 year old fit. I would have had a whole lot more patience with your children if I had not been so impatient with my own. I apologize as well.