Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So Screwed

I have to get organized. I am driving myself crazy!! And I really screwed up the finances this time. I scheduled an online payment for my house before payday. Well, when payday rolled around, I forgot that was scheduled and I paid other bills. Now, if and when that house payment clears, I will be screwed. And I know it is coming. It is what I deserve for my lack of organization. If we can just make it through until next Friday.... I've told Mr. Wonderful who claims that he is not going to worry about it and that there is no point in being mad at me because that won't change anything either. So he says.

I do make a promise to myself and my God that I will be a better steward of money. I have promised myself that before, and I never kept my promise. But this time, I am making the promise to God. From this day forward, I will be a better money tracker, a better bill payer. Not just for my sanity, but for my hardworking husband who is allowing me to stay home again with our last child. Things have to be different. We are going back to one pay check and have to get back in that frame of mind. No more eating out, no more shopping.

With the purchase of our washing machine last week, I have totally embraced the cleaning thing that I have always hated. I love having a clean kitchen, clean dining room, laundry being done, etc. I can't wait to clean. As a matter of fact, I am off of here to do just that.

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