Monday, July 20, 2009


I have surgery scheduled for the 30th of this month to fix a deviated septum and turbinate reduction. I am totally terrified. I don't know why. I have asked God for peace about the surgery. I have asked others to pray. But still no peace. Only today, I read about the unsuccessful side of this surgery. If any of you have had this surgery, please let me know your experiences with it, whether positive or negative. This will help me decide if I want to go through with the surgery.

Also, please be in prayer for two family members. My nephew, Spencer, has what seems to be staph but maybe just an infection from an ant bite. Doctors have given them conflicting information about what needs to be done. He put a bandaid on it today and the bandaid actually pulled part of the sore off and so it was drained at the doctor, but that is what one doctor said did not need to happen. Please pray that he will have some relief from this and that the procedures that the doctors are doing are successful.

My sister, Brenda, aka Mom on the Go, is also having health issues. She has been for quite a while. But just lately, they have begun looking at MS as a diagnosis. Please pray that this is not the case. While I would love a diagnosis of what is going on with her, I would love for that diagnosis to be something treatable. I also pray that her symptoms do not increase or amplify.

Thanks for your support.

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Staci said...

i will pray for you and spencer....we have dealt with MRSA infact we just got my youngest outta the hospital a week ago with cellulitis....his doc is an idiot, i would have him go to another doc to make sure. staph is soo dangerous.....landons mrsa started with an mosquito bite. u can read about it and his ant bite cellulitis on my blog. if you have any questions feel free to ask!!