Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sign of the Times

I was watching icarly with the kids a little while ago (woo hoo for mother's day fun!). Sam was showing Freddie and Carly some gross video, which it did not show. Baby K was sitting in my lap.

Emmy: What did they see?

Baby K: prolly some bad words or boys kissing or someding.

OMG! How does she even know about boys kissing? Do our kids just grow up knowing these things? They don't watch shows that have kissing in them at all. I mean, it's Dora and Diego over and over!! Or Barbie or Thumbelina. or Sponge Bob.

Just another random question. Why does my husband refuse to acknowledge Mother's Day? Every year it comes and goes and he does not acknowledge it with so much as a word. He did before we were married and had children together. He does for his mother. It's just so frustrating?


Staci said...

awww. Id kick my hubbys butt!! i not only make him acknowledge it, i make it mothersday WEEKEND!! :) and kids grow soo fast these days!!

Graham Shenanigans said...

don't feel bad, i barely got a happy mother's day from any of them. then i came home and cooked myself a steak dinner and then cleaned the kitchen by myself. hubby left to go out of town yesterday and i hate that.