Monday, May 25, 2009

I Feel Like I Should Pay You

Yesterday we all gathered for my dad's birthday. We were having a lovely time. Leigh brought her girls, along with Kayla's friend and Rachell's boyfriend. I think this is the first time Rachell has brought a boyfriend around the family. He was mostly quiet. But they were sharing a moment together on the swing out front. Dad had already commented that the swing was big enough that the two of them did not need to sit right next to other. Well, I talked Wesley into going to sit beside them. Right as Wesley sat, the swing began to tip backwards. It did not fall in a normal speed, though; it was more of a slow motion fall. It just laid over on the ground. Everyone was laughing, but Rachell still had a "kill me now" look on her face. I laughed so hard at them that I told Wesley I feel like I should pay him. Ahhh....good times. Okay, the telling of this story is not nearly as funny as the actual event. Oh I wish you could have seen it!! I wish my camera had been close by.

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