Tuesday, May 19, 2009

10 more days

That's right, folks. 10 more days until I am back. Until I return to the life of normalcy, where I am able to blog and leave people comments. You see, 10 days and counting, until year 1 of teaching is over and I am back to being Mama. Hallelujah!!

Hope both of you readers are still out there somewhere!! Please check back in a few days for something that I am sure will be neither funny or interesting, but it will be new. It may just be a simple decision of whether we decide to keep a kitten and Sophie, or just a kitten, or just Sophie. I keep hoping to snap a few pics of Jack with the kittens. They are soooo adorable together until he starts getting playful.

Am I sad to see school go? Sort of. I will miss some of my babies, the ones that call me Mother Bowen and give me hugs every day. The ones that make me smile no matter what. But good riddance to the ones that make me want to papercut my jugular.

Have I mentioned only 10 more days??

1 comment:

Graham Shenanigans said...

10 more days until I get my sister back, for multiple phone calls a day, my sewing buddy, my flea marketing buddy, even my yard saling buddy this weekend. Only 10 more days!! Yea!!!