Monday, December 29, 2008

Baby K is funny stuff

Okay, so last Monday I had to have a root canal. It truly was not bad and over in just an hour. After it was over, the dentist showed me the x-ray to illustrate where he broke the metal tip of the file off in my canal. So today I have to go to an endodontist in Montgomery to have the tip removed and the root canal finished.

Last night, I was holding Baby K and we were talking about today. I told her that my beautiful niece would be babysitting them today so I could have another root canal. Her response was, "So you can have four children?" I laughed so hard at her. Then she started whining and said, "I wheely don't like it when you laugh at me. I am not funny." That just made me laugh harder.

In their stockings at MeeMaw's house, they had these grow clothes. It is basically a wash cloth folded up compactly and it "grows" in water. Well, the girls did those last night and K came in with it on her head, dripping water. She said she was taking a shower. My thought was that it was harmless fun. At least she and Emmy were getting along. Bro Man came to get me later to show me something funny. He has a big, huge wooden loft-type bed. On the backside is a built in wardrobe/closet. He opened that to show me two buck-nekkid girls "showering". They were using the backside of his bed as a pretend shower and had gone so far as to strip down to their birthday suits in their pretend play.

Never a dull moment! Happy Monday!


Staci said...

kids say and do the darndest things!!! too cute!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you and your family had a Great New Year!!!