Monday, May 19, 2008

Meeting an old friend

Today is the day that I meet an old friend for lunch. Wendy and I were friends in high school and then were college roommates for one year. She has become a successful business woman, and I am her polar opposite as a SAHM. She has no children, so I am sure this lunch will be adventurous. I picture it somewhat like the movie "Sweet Home Alabama." She has gone off to a far away state and made it big in her career field (which is something in the line of finance or accounting). Coming home to see what her old friends are up to is probably going to be somewhat of a culture shock. And I just realized this meeting will also take place in Greenville. While I will not be nursing a baby in the bar, nor have I ever, we live a very simplistic life. And I love my life! I love my family. While there are days that I am not grateful to be at home, overall I am very happy to be home with my two beautiful girls. So today will probably make Wendy glad that she chose the life path that she did, and maybe even reinforce my happiness in the one I did.

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