Thursday, January 13, 2011

crawling out

I think today is Thursday. I think. You see, I've been dealing with this cold and congestion now for a week and a half, and today I am just not sure of anything. I can't remember street names. Heck, I am not sure I remember my own name. But, alas, Wife Swap has made me crawl out from under the covers and get up to clean my house. I saw myself of Wife Swap today. Except her house was clean. I have been guilted by yet another television show (Hoarders does it too), to get up and get busy. So through my foggy-headedness, I have cleaned up the kitchen, and put on a load of clothes to wash. And the only reason I am sure of that is because I can hear the washing machine going. Once I got that going, I collapsed into my computer chair to read and maybe write a few words. Now I am totally exhausted. I'm crawling back under the covers now so I can go to class tonight. Good mid-day, everyone.

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