Thursday, December 30, 2010

So the day has come.....

The day is upon us. The dreaded day. She left this morning. Saying goodbye last night was very hard. Maybe I am overreacting, but I really felt sick to my stomach. Still do. Now I know that she is only 10 hours away, a 1 day drive as my sister pointed out last night. But that is a little far to drive for birthday parties or a cup of sweet tea, or just because she needs to get away.

We had that aunt growing up--the one we could go stay with for a weekend when we just needed to get away. I enjoyed that aspect of our relationship--being the getaway. All of my sisters have been that at some point for her, but we were just around the corner. I haven't driven past the empty house yet. I am sure that will be emotional, as well, the first fifty times I do it. After they had several break-ins in the past years, will I ever get used to not looking when I go past to make sure everything is as it should be?

But, Kase, I want you to remember what I told you. I want you to give it a chance and be cooperative. And remember that even through the hard times, you are a Christian. Please remember that everything that you say and do reflects on you as a person. You are so smart and funny and won't have any trouble making friends. I love you, sweet girl! (You'll always be my first child).

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