Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Are any of you like me in that you love change? I don't mean change that dramatically impacts your life, but change within your home? I love to paint. That is one of the easiest transformations that a person can make. But more than paint. Like getting bold and rearranging the furniture. O.M.G., people! Did you realize that there are some people who don't even think of moving furniture as a means of making your house more pleasant? Those people are called MEN. Why are men against change? Unless it is an increase in your income or a drop in your weight, men are against change. No paint. No moving. No rearranging. Why? Because they might have to lay at a slightly different angle to watch baseball. And that, my friends, is unacceptable.

Since we are soon returning to just one income, and I love change, I am trying to do a little remixing instead of decorating. That is, I am trying to be thrifty and use things that I have already bought or things from other parts of my house to give the house a different look. And yes, I moved furniture. But first thing this morning, I moved it back. Why you ask? Because Mr. Wonderful hated it so much that he did not even want to be in the living room. And since he chooses to watch Baseball Tonight every night when I want to sleep, it is better for him to go to the living room. But I took a few pictures of some changes that I have made over the last 24 hours. Keep in mind, nothing drastic. Just beautifying. Fluffing. And when the rooms are finalized, I'll post them. Oh, okay. Stop twisting my arm. I'll post some now. Gosh, you're so pushy! But I'll save some for later.
This is the newly paired down mantle. The before picture was too embarrassing, so we'll just go with an after. The huge mirror was a bargain at $17, and the only thing new is the flower arrangement which is not complete. Everything else was already in my possession.

In the kitchen, to add a little flair beside the free hutch, I added this cast iron (super heavy) fork and spoon. I got this on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $2.49 about 2 months ago. I don't know what took so long for me to finally put it up.
While this picture is a little dark, you should still be able to see the little shelf above the toilet. This has been in my possession for a good four months now. The white fleur-de-lis I bought at hobby lobby last year for $5.00. The candlestick, bird, seagrass box, the small glass jars and fillings I've had for quite some time now. The curtain and shower curtian (not shown) are from the other bathroom because I did something new in there that I did not take pictures of yet. Those will come later. I am putting the finishing touches on the dining room that I have struggled with for so long, and then I will post pictures of that, along with the new lamps in the living room.

So, until next time, Peace. Love. Change.

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