Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Teacher Gifts

Well, that's it folks. Another school year has come to an end. I wanted to send something to each of the teachers to thank them for a wonderful school year.

The first idea (x2) comes from Creative Gift and Party Ideas. Of course, I put my own little spin on it. I used canvases to glue the crayons to instead of cardstock and rather than purchasing frames. But to make it a little more special, I used my new special friend: zebra duck tape. I have fallen in love with this!!! What makes this even more special is the price.
Canvas (2 pk) 5.00
Zebra tape 3.50 (with plenty left over for other projects)
2 boxes of crayons 2.50
rick rack and ribbon FREE (already had)

So for around $5.00 each we had a cute personalized teacher gift!

The next idea is inspired by sweet Sandra Stinson, a wonderful K4 teacher. She lost her mother this school year and has been kind enough to share some fun things her mom used to say with us. One of our favorites is, "Happy people wear polkadots." Baby K says this every time she wears polkadots now. Naturally, this had to be incorporated into her gift. I, along with my trusty friend Duct tape, created a cutesy little sign with this on it. Can anyone tell me what might be better than polkadots and zebra together? I didn't think so. Oh yeah, one more thing....completely free!!! That's right-- I already had everything I needed to make this door hanger.

I had a blast creating these! Can hardly wait to show you the baby gifts I am working on!


Crystal ( said...

So cute...I love these gifts. I've never heard the saying 'happy people wear polka dots' but I like it and have a friend that it totally applies to. Where can I find zebra tape?

ugagirl30 said...

Thanks! Found it at Walmart in the hardware section.

InMyOwnStyle said...

I love color and crayons - these crayon letters are so clever and perfect as a teacher gift. I might make one as a gift from me to me. :)

My best- Diane

Staci said...

i LOVE these!! always looking for cool ideas!! thanks so much for all your prayers and support!! hope all is well!