Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So, this week is Vacation Bible School. But, for some reason, after only 1 day, I am already exhausted. I cannot figure it out. Is it just having to leave the house that exhausts me? I don't get up any earlier. We get home at lunch time. I just cannot figure it out.

I am teaching the pre-school group, including Baby K, which makes things tough. When Mama is around, she does not want to participate in anything and just wants to sit in my lap or be held. Now, I love that she wants to be in my lap or be held. Love it. But it is impossible to try to teach and lead 6 more children while I have a 35-pound leech attached to me. But I love my Baby K. I love the hugs and kisses, and her random "I love you, Mama" that she says at just the right time.

So we will keep on pushing on through this week, looking forward to the Blueberry Festival in Brewton this weekend, and vacay in two weeks. Leigh and her crew are accompanying us. I wanted to stay several days so we could not stay right on the beach, but we will be staying about 25 minutes away. As long as the place has a pool, the kids and teenagers will be set. We may only go to the beach 1 day out of the 4. But that is okay, too. A couple of hours on the beach and we'll all be burnt to the point of misery. It's as if sunblock does not even matter (but it will be used!).

Hope you all have a wonderfully blessed day!

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